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A Story Written By My 7-Year-Old Daughter For ‘My Followers’

My 7-year-old daughter came up with an idea to write her own short story. I figured that was kind of cool considering she wasn’t told to do it for school or anyone else. This decision was 100% all her own.

A few days after we finished writing the story, we were at the dinner table eating supper with the family.

Kierra:Mommy! I have a great idea. How about when we are done, you put it on your blog!?”

Me: “What makes you want to put it on my blog hun?”

Kierra: “Well, I think it would be a great idea for your fans to see work done by your daughter on your Blog!” ….

I pondered for a moment.

Me: “That sounds like a great idea… I would love to.”

Here’s the thing…my daughter wished to have these “hand-drawn” pictures associated with this story. Problem? I can’t draw….like at all. We also discussed getting the pages printed out, laminated, and bound. She wants to dedicate it to her brother, Baby Rylan, once it’s finished.

So…we created a contest for one lucky winner to win $50 to draw these pictures for us!!!

The winner was an amazing woman named Erin Baby Steps!

So….with that being said, here is a story that was written by my daughter and illustrations completed by Erin! I hope you enjoy!

Sugar & Spice

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sugar and a girl named Spice. They were best friends. One day, they got in a fight.

They were fighting over a crown. The crown had nine jewels. Two jewels were crystals, two were hearts, two were stars, two were circles, and one jewel was a bird.

Then they stopped fighting. They both realized they were fighting over something they could both share. So, they apologized to each other.

The next day, Spice went to Sugar and said, β€œI am getting a new crown tomorrow! It is the same as the one I have now. That way you can have one too.”

Sugar felt happy she was getting the same crown they were fighting over. Sugar knew there had to be a solution to this problem.

They were fighting over the crown because it had special powers. The crystals were able to freeze time, the hearts could make people happy, the stars could bring people back to life and start over, the circles could make plants grow faster than normal, and the bird allowed people to talk to animals.

Once Spice and Sugar got both of their crowns they started using the powers. First, Spice used the bird and she was able to talk to a fox. Sugar used the crystal to freeze time so she could go to the mall. She decided to get glitter and a new halo for herself and new horns and a pitchfork for Spice. Sugar then went back to Spice and unfroze time. β€œThat was awesome!”, said Sugar and Spice.

They were happy because they both had a crown and they were playing together. The next day they saw a wand and started to fight over it.

The wand was magical. The wand had a crystal like the one on the crown, but this crystal could make things appear! This started the problem all over again!!!



I know…I know…this story seems a little…strange. But I don’t care because it’s the first time my daughter has had a desire to write something outside of school letting her imagination go!

I want to thank all of you who sent in your submissions. My daughter and I are more than thankful to see all your creations!!

Thank you again Erin Baby Steps for your amazing drawings!

“Thank you to all of my Mommy’s fans”
She is way too adorable.

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7 thoughts on “A Story Written By My 7-Year-Old Daughter For ‘My Followers’”

  1. Hey! I love this! My son and I make up little stories too, and they are always kind of goofy. He doesn’t quite have the concept of a coherent story line yet. Haha! Your daughter did such a great job! Yes, there are a little strange pieces, but I give you super props in letting her own it. I am thinking there are no submissions yet just because there needs to be some time to create. I came across this a couple days ago, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I have started working on some pictures for you, and hope to email it to you soon. I’m no pro, and will not be offended in the least. It is just a joy to share this with you. What a fun post. Thanks.

  2. Your little girl os do clever! This is a fantastic idea and shows alot of creativity. Have you had many entries?
    Thank you both for sharing with us.

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