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The Ultimate Pinterest eCourse That Won’t Break Your Bank

What’s In It For You & What You’ll Learn

  • How to get your hands on the BEST eCourse out there that will finally teach you the “ins” and “outs” of Pinterest
  • Why this eCourse is so important
  • You will finally understand how to set up your account and it’s done right
  • You will know the ideal graphics you should be using that get better clicks, what applications to use to create them, and how!
  • You will understand the details that go into creating a Pin to ensure it’s getting pulled in the search options
  • You will be able to take advantage of auto-schedules apps to make your life so much easier and get back to creating the content that matters
  • You will see your monthly views increase and get the blog traffic you’ve been looking for
  • Be on the path to earning a paycheck for the work you put into your Blog

Mama Robbins

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

Overview Of How It Started

Here’s the thing. When I first started my website, I read somewhere that if you’re a Blogger, you should obtain a Pinterest account. Why? Because millions of people use it daily and it is a great opportunity for your Blog posts to be discovered… …. Okay….. That is great and all, but how in the world do I use it? Like everything out there comes a learning curve to new things. Pinterest was no exception.

Here I was thinking people just scrolled through random pictures and when they came across one that met their fancy, they click on the picture and that was it…….Sound like you too? Was I wrong! Pinterest, if you didn’t already know is like Google. Yes, it is actually a search engine. There is a search bar at the very top that allows you to search for anything specific you want. You want to know more about “Parenting”, you can type that in the search bar. If you want to learn how to have the best garden this year, you can type that in the search bar. The results are literally endless. But that still didn’t answer my question on HOW TO USE Pinterest and why it was such a big deal for Bloggers.

Doing My Research

So, I started doing a little digging. I Googled how to use Pinterest, watched some free videos, created an account and boom. I was officially on the platform. I created my profile, filled out some information and started clicking on other peoples posts and creating my boards. But something was wrong. This wasn’t drawing any traffic to my site. Then again, how could it? I had nothing linking to my site, nor did I have any idea how to.

Before Pictures Of My Account

To give you a little idea what my Pinterest Account looked like….here is my main heading shortly after I started.

As you can see, based on a few things I had read prior with the free courses I was able to incorporate a “proper name” for Pinterest and I did include what I talk about on my boards in my “description”. However, that still wasn’t increasing my traffic enough? Why…you may ask?

They say {Pictures are worth a thousand words}. This is for a reason. This is what my boards looked like in the beginning….

Here, you can see a variety of my Boards, but they have no real rhyme or reason as to how they are laid out, what should be seen first, and it looks unappealing. Looking back at this now…I remember thinking to myself, “My boards look pretty good!” Um…no…they really didn’t. Soo……

Back to the drawing board. I started to Google “How to Blog Post to Pinterest”. This gave me a few step-by-step instructions. I got my first few Pins up and waited….and waited…and waited. After two months with my Blog Pins being on Pinterest, I wasn’t getting many views. I only had 330 after TWO whole months! If you don’t already know this, that is an extremely low number. What was I doing wrong?

Ell’s eCourse Kept Calling Me

I kept hearing about this amazing Pinterest eCourse by Ell from Boss Girl Bloggers. Almost weekly I kept coming across other Bloggers posts referencing how fantastic her eCourse was, how it changed their lives, and it wasn’t expensive! I was already following Ell via Twitter, click HERE if you want to follow her too. I had no idea she had created her own course on the subject. I became very curious…..

The Hesitation

As a consumer, I feel we are built with this hesitation wall from investing in anything that takes money from our pockets. We work hard for that green. Plus, how can you truly trust anything on the internet these days? I know I kept hearing about it, I saw other peoples results using it, but would it really work for me….would I be able to follow her instructions….will it be worth the price? The questions are endless when you have that “wall” up for protection. But was it really protecting me?

Taking The Plunge

So I took the leap of faith and purchased Ell’s eCourse HERE. Guess what?! This was the best investment to date I’ve invested in Blogging! Why? Because I was able to get results in under 60 days, and I’m not talking small. I’m talking HUGE!

One thing I would like to point out is I would have achieved these results WAY quicker had I not procrastinated on making the necessary changes per her instructions. So YOU can ABSOLUTELY have these results in less time if you put the effort in.

I know…I know…some of you may be thinking, just like I did, but what proof do you have this actually works! Well, I was proactive and took before and after shots of my Pinterest account so I could prove to myself it works…or didn’t. Boy, am I ever glad I did!

After Pictures Of My Account

Here are the after pictures of my account after taking her course and waiting just 60 days to see my numbers change.

Yes, you can see that right! I went from 330 Monthly views to over 10,000 in UNDER 60 days!!! Say what????

What was the big difference? I’ll show you!…..

Doesn’t that look SO much better? With a few modifications, my account finally looks welcoming!

The Big Deal With Ell’s eCourse

As many of you have probably already seen. A lot of eCourses out there are advertised. I mean…ALL OVER the place. Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram Feeds, you name it. As I wanted to learn more about Pinterest, I watched one of those, “Watch me so you can learn to succeed on Pinterest” Masterclass things that gets you to watch for an hour, sometimes two, to find out at the very end there comes a hefty price tag and that wasn’t even the “real deal”. Some of them wanted you to pay $1995.00! You want me to WHAT????? Um…..I’m into Blogging yes, I want it to be my life, but I’m not risking going broke in one shot for it though.

Then there is Ell’s eCourse. Her price is a simple $32 (US). That’s it! I was shocked! The best part, she shows you her results over a period of time from her principles she teaches in this course and they are dramatic! She even goes beyond and shows you actual testimonies of people who have taken it as well!

Extra Bonus

On top of everything that Ell does, she decided to start a website 100% dedicated to promoting Pinterest. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get to know Ell and the way she makes Pinterest work for her and for you! You can visit her website HERE.

What You’ll Learn – Curriculum

How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account

Learn how to properly set up your Pinterest account to your best advantage and how to create branding Pinterest graphics & more!

I was SO nieve and thought I knew what I was doing when I created my account. She teaches you the steps that make it easier for YOU so you don’t miss out on something important.

What Tailwind Is And How To Use It

An in-depth tutorial on how to properly use Tailwind to your BEST benefit to drive traffic to your blog and increase Pinterest views.

When I first started, I kept hearing about Tailwind and had NO idea what this was. This app was a godsend! It auto-schedules your Pinterest AND Instagram Accounts for you so you have more time to focus on what matters most! Writing content! Click HERE to sign up for a FREE trial with Tailwind. Thereafter, you can choose to keep it free or take advantage of a subscription. Plus! It’s actually affordable and SOOO worth it!

Grow Your Blog Traffic

Learn Pinterest strategies that will teach you how to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest. Plus, pinning techniques and perfecting Pinterest SEO.

I had no idea there was “small details” to make your Pins searchable with background information so they pull up when searched by keywords. Ell walks you through ALL of this!

$$$$ Make MONEY $$$$

Learn how you can also use Pinterest to MAKE MONEY and increase affiliate sales.

Who doesn’t want to make money with their writing??? I do! Though I haven’t yet….more the fact I have an infant and timing has been rough, but if you put forth Ell’s content guidelines and follow her steps there is NO reason your effort shouldn’t pay off.

What Are You Waiting For?

Just like I did, you probably have hesitations. I don’t blame you. But with Ell’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, what in the world could you possibly lose? One of the best feelings in the world is finally seeing your efforts paying off and getting results! So, take the plunge like I did, see it for yourself and feel in control of your blog, writing, Pinterest account and more! So click HERE and get started with Ell!

I hope you were able to take away something useful from this post. I know it was a game changer for me and I know it can be for you too!

Until Next Time – Follow Me: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & remember to Subscribe! If you would like to leave a comment, please scroll to the very bottom of this page.


Mama Robbins

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