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Below are books I have read or in the process of reading for 2019. I will post comments/review once I have completed the book. If you sell your own books (hard copies only) and would like me to read them with a review, please let me know via “HERE and we can verify it is a topic of interest and make arrangements.

Juliet’s School of Possibilities by |Laura Vanderkam (113 pages)
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With Guide and Questions

I picked up one of Laura’s books three years ago called “168 Hours – You Have More Time Than You Think” and was hooked on her writing style. She is one of the top writers on Time Management, and is for a reason! She has this amazing ability to keep you looking for what comes next, and Juliet’s School of Possibilities is no exception. A piece of advice: DO NOT read this book if you plan to go to bed early! Every chapter was like watching a movie with cliffhangers. I couldn’t put the book down!

Without giving too much away – Riley, the main character, is struggling with time management and can’t figure out how to fix it. She feels she is working her butt off but her world seems to be falling apart. |Like many of us, Riley is struggling to put her phone down and is consumed by her work. She has such a limiting belief in her capabilities and I feel a lot of us are victim to this thinking as well. How can we overcome our own thinking that we are “too busy” to schedule things in our lives? One of my favourite quotes in this novel was, “I don’t have time’ means ‘It’s not a priority'”. An example was used if someone offered to give you half a million dollars to produce something, I’m sure you would find the time to make it happen. So how can we find time in our days to ensure we are making things that matter a priority? Read this book and you will be given a sense of direction.
Juliet, on the other hand, I feel she has such a calm demeanour. “We have all the time in the world” is a statement she lives by. She seems to have everything together and is such an inspirational woman! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel like this? Believe it or not, we can! How? By taking action and finding solutions instead of focusing on the problems.
Laura Vanderkam truly transferred a feeling in this novel. Such a great read.
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The Goodbye Bride by Denise Hunter (336 pages)
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I’m not much for reading Romance or even normal novels for that matter. I usually read self-improvement books only. This novel was a great easy read. If you love happily-ever-after endings, this is a great book for you. Lucy loses her memory and 7 months of her life is missing. She was about to marry another man and left her ex-fiancee before their wedding? What the heck happen? Denise does a phenomenal job describing details around the scenes. You feel like you are really there. Even simple descriptions of smells, sounds, feelings. This was a hard one to put down at the end of the night as you become captivated in the moment and just want to keep going. I was very happy with how everything took place and would highly recommend this read!

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