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A Story Written By My 7-Year-Old Daughter For ‘My Followers’

My 7-year-old daughter came up with an idea to write her own short story. I figured that was kind of cool considering she wasn’t told to do it for school or anyone else. This decision was 100% all her own.

A few days after we finished writing the story, we were at the dinner table eating supper with the family.

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Baby Rylan Arrived – My Delivery Story (Feb 13, 2019)

WARNING: This post contains graphic pictures and descriptions of childbirth, feelings and bodily fluids. Read at own discretion. Also, some information has been altered for privacy.

Many of us were awaiting for the birth of our baby #3. I was due February 10, 2019 and the day had come and gone. I started posting pictures to Facebook and Twitter how I was one day overdue, two days overdue. Thankfully, day three overdue never happen because our little man decided it was finally time to be welcomed into the world.… Read Full Post Here