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I Received The Blogger Recognition Award – Why It’s So Important!

A huge shout out and thank you goes to Gurru Says for nominating me to receive my first Bloggers Recognition reward! Thank you so much darlin’. When I first stumbled across Gurru Says website, I was floored. You know how they say you should never compare yourself to other bloggers? Well…it’s extremely hard not to when you see her site. Her Magazine Blog site has an abundance of fantastic information including; Life Hacks, Kids, Technology (the “how to” of Blogging – My Fav) and More!!! Plus, the layout and the ease of access makes it a top-notch site in my book! See her Blog Post HERE where she nominates myself and 14 others to share the love. Honestly, her Blog is so phoniminal, I’d say take a pause for a moment and go check it out! It’s THAT GREAT!

The Importance Of This Award

First, let me start by saying I opened Twitter this morning and saw I was nominated to receive The Bloggers Recognition Award. Here I am staring at my phone thinking….”The what???” I have never heard of this prior, but it didn’t matter. It said reward and my name was attached. Who wouldn’t be excited. I immediatley opened Google and did a search…..Holy Cow!!! So, if you are pondering, “what in the world is this thing they speak of” like I was…here is the scoop!

The Blogger Recognition Award, to my understanding, is an award distributed to Bloggers that have been recognized for producing, in my mind, amazing work. They are valued for putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their blogs. (As I know some of us write about our experiences, that can sometimes be a hard one to put out there) Either way, they are now selected to be part of a community for sharing credibility with these things called “backlinks“. (I had no idea what they were till this morning and I want to save others the time to look it up for the full description – I was thinking it may have something to do with Chiropractors and Back issues – Totally kidding, I figured it was just another word I needed to discover with the Blogging world) Anywho, these “backlinks” are a way to connect different sites so when someone goes to read your post they will see the link that will “redirect” them to another one.

Your Next Steps

If you have been nominated, you will want to write a post thanking the person who nominated you. You will want to make sure you add the “backlink” in there as well so others can review their blog. If you’re still not sure how to do that….go back up to the top of my Blog… see the “HERE” that is a hyperlink? THAT is the “backlink” that will let others go back to Gurru Says website. After you have written your post thanking your nominator, you will now have the priviledge to nominate your own 10 to 15 Bloggers you feel are doing a great job! You see how this can spiral into an amazing oppertunity to have your website Worldwide? Plus, how nice is it to share appreciation for each other and build fantastic relationships with other Bloggers? If you know anything about me, relationships are super important to me!

The Rules

Once nominated you will want to do the following:

  1. Thank the blogger for nominating you and give them the link to their blog
  2. Write a blog post on your website that talks about you receiving the reward.
  3. Tell the story of what made you start your Blog
  4. Write 2 pieces of advice you have for new bloggers
  5. Nominate 10 to 15 other Bloggers
  6. Make sure you tell those you nominate they have been nominated. (Otherwise, how will they know you love them)!!!

Why I Started My Blog

As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to help others. However, finding a way to make a positive impact on other peoples lives on a daily basis can be a little difficult when you have no idea how.

Over the last few years, I have read 30+ books related to self-development, goal setting, and time management. Let’s just say…I learned a LOT! The biggest thing that stepped out for me was Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. When the question of “what if” popped up, I usually turned around and ran the other way. |HERE is also a link to a Blog I wrote, “Do You Say ‘What If” Too Often?”| It didn’t matter how bad I wanted to achieve something – if it was too difficult or there was a risk to fail I was out! Last year I took the leap. After talking to a few friends about ways to impact people through writing, the term Blog came up over and over. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what that even was either. (so sad) But I was still worried. How much time do I need to invest in a Blog? How do I create my website? What topics should I cover? Do I need to schedule stuff? Plus, I have 3 children 5, 7 and 1 month old. How will I find the time? The questions continued, but like I said, I stepped out of my comfort zone and guess what…here we are….

If you are curious on the fine-tuning and more details on how I started my blog, how I came up with the topic, the website, and some of the apps I use, click HERE. (Just so happens I wrote “History Of My Blog – How Did You Create Yours?” a month ago)

2 Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers

  1. Blog because you love it and do NOT quit. If you just want to write because it passes time, then go nuts. If you want to Blog because you want to leave your 9 to 5 job, like I do, then do it! But under no circumstance quit unless you completely lose all passion for writing. You will have rough days, rough patches, your stats may be low, no comments or likes, it does NOT matter. You are doing this for YOU and as long as THAT is your focus, the rest will come!
  2. If you are not tech savy, like myself, find someone to help you. Whether it’s how to set up your website, learning about the best apps or plugins to use, or anything – reach out to someone to mentor you, and go Self-Hosted right away! It’s way better as you have more freedom & better domain names.

The 15 Blogger Recognition Awards

These amazing people are in no particular order but are absolutely fantastic:

  1. Ell // BossGirlBloggersEll Duclos
  2. Lauren MaiLauren Mai
  3. Philosophy of DadPhilosophy of Dad
  4. Cyn | CynspoCynspo
  5. RayThe Ray Journey
  6. Stephanie EilerCitrus and Sun
  7. Charli DeeLife with Charli
  8. Sophie HarrietThis Brilliant Day
  9. HanSafe Haven; Anonymous Letters
  10. Kelly ~ Diane ReportThe Kelly Diane Report
  11. The Prepping WifeThe Prepping Wife
  12. SimpleSteps4LLSimple Steps For Living Life
  13. The Planking TravelerThe Planking Traveler
  14. Callum RoebuckTheCllm
  15. Lee StevensonLife with Lee

Now it’s your turn! Congrats on being nominated and have fun creating your post. I look forward to reading all of them!

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Do You Say “What If” Too Often?

Special Featured Bloggers – See Amazing Blogs Done By Incredible People At Bottom Of This Page

Today’s Topics & What You’ll Learn

  • How fear holds you in your Comfort Zone
  • What is your Comfort Zone and how to let it go
  • Steps you can take to achieve more in your life
  • How you can work through your “What If’s”

Mama Robbins Series

Fear is the number one thing that will hold us back from our greatest achievements. How many times have you thought about something you wanted but decided it was too risky to go for it? A perfect example you may have experienced is wanting a better job, asking for a raise or a promotion. But “What If” I apply for that new job and I don’t get it? “What If” I ask for a raise and my boss laughs in my face? “What If” I take on a larger project to get a promotion but I fail? Do any of these sound familiar? These are extremely common thoughts a lot of us have and they can sabotage our entire future. Plus, I am only referencing a few thoughts you may be having about work. Look at all the other topics you could be second-guessing yourself: parenting, your relationship, friendships, dating, travelling, almost anything!What If” from this point on we keep track of all those random “I wish I had” moments and find a way to say “I’m glad I did”! So how can we change that? Let me tell you how!

It All Lies Within Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has one. It is the feeling you get when you are doing anything. Let me explain it like this….Maybe you have been in your job for years and you know the ins and the outs of everything. When you go into work, it’s like you’re on autopilot. You are “comfortable” with your daily tasks. Now…imagine in that same job your supervisor asks you to come into his office. You sit down and he says, “You know what Kelly? We have been reviewing your work and attendance and you are one of our top employees. We have a huge project coming up next month and it’s right up your alley. We want you to head the deal. You in?” Literally, at THAT moment, you may start to feel your heart beat faster, your hands might get a little sweaty and you may feel nervous. THIS is your comfort zone limits being pushed. You always have two choices. You can either let the fear take over and you step back to where you are comfortable and say no and you resume life as you always have. Your second choice….to let your mind take over and say, “this is my time to shine” and embrace your comfort zone. This, possibly resulting in the raise you always wanted and a promotion!

I get letting go of fear is easier said than done, but it is possible with a little hard work. If you are reading this and you feel this is exactly what you needed to read, I want you to understand I know EXACTLY how you feel. To allow me to relate to you a little more, I am going to list a few things that I never thought about doing because I had a SERIOUS case of the “What If’s.

  • Obtaining my Life Insurance License – This was an online course I had to do on my own. Four different books with hundreds of pages and I needed to know the right material to pass with a minimum of 60%. “What If” I failed? I studied for two full months with EVERY spare moment I had. I passed with a 78%. This was the absolute hardest exam I’ve ever taken in my life!
  • Asking Out My Husband – Okay…obviously at the time we were just friends, but “What If” he said no? “What If” he wasn’t interested in me? I sucked it up and asked anyways and now we are married, have kids together and I could never be happier!
  • Becoming A Mom – If you are anything like I was, I questioned EVERYTHING. “What If” I’m not good at it? “What If” I don’t know what to do? If I listened to my fear on this one, I would have never had the THREE amazing bambinos I have now!
  • Becoming A Blogger! – Yes…..this was a new stepping stone for me. I have wanted to influence and help people for years but had no idea how. I also always wanted to start sharing my ideas with others as I have so many friends that reach out to me for advice as it is. So…what went through my mind? “What If” no one reads my content? “What If” I can’t relate to people? “What If” I can’t think of a topic? “What if” I can’t find the time!” (By the way, as I’m writing this my 1-month-old made it VERY difficult to get this released on time!) Yet…here we are…you are reading what was once a fear!
  • Starting A YouTube Channel – If you notice on my main page “YouTube Channel – Coming Soon”. Yep…this hasn’t occurred yet! This SCARES the daylights out of me because I’m not one for videos, nor have I ever done a video where I post it publicly for the world to see. Plus, I have NO IDEA where it will take me. The possibilities are endless. But even though I have a HUGE “What If” attached, I’m going to do it anyways.
  • Writing A Book(s) – Guess what….I haven’t started this one either. However, oddly, the one “What If” I don’t have with this one is “What If” it doesn’t sell. At the worst case, my kids will have a book written by their mom. So…with that…who cares what other “What If’s” are attached.

Moving on….

I want you to understand that just because I’m about to tell you a few tips to help you tear a hole in your comfort zone, know this…I still fear the unknown. Most likley always will. But it is what we do with our fear and use it to our advantage that will help us move towards our end result.

Now that you understand the sensation you may feel when your comfort zone limits are being exceeded and that I feel just like you, let’s see what we can do about it.

Steps To Achieve More

  • Realize We Are Our Own Worst Enemy – We put limits on so many things we want, but we have 100% control of how we feel towards a situation. Once we can acknowledge this fully, we can start to change our thinking.
  • Write Your “What If’s” Down – I can not tell you enough how important this one step is. This may seem like an odd step, but I want you to see how many things you want to do, but you have a “What If” fear that is holding you back. I want you to look at your list and think….are any of the “What If’s” on my list something I can’t get over? Is there a way for me to look past the “What If” and do it! So make sure you have a Note App on your phone so when you think of something and you catch yourself saying, “but What If”… write it down! FYI, sometimes I will be laying in bed as I’m a thinker and I’ll think of something I want to achieve and it has a “What If” attached to it. Let me tell you, this is the WORST time for me to be thinking, “OHHHH I have an idea….I need to write it down!!!” Seriously! With me half asleep and with one eye open I’ll reach up to my phone, open my Note App and write a quick blurb or even a word. I’m sure you know the pain of waking up to check your phone in the middle of darkness and it blinds you even with the dark mode on. Come morning, I will go back and either expand a little or write what is needed to remember for later.

You may be wondering…what in the world does writing down my “What If’s” have anything to do with achieving other things I want in my life. I have a fear of flying…why would I have to write that down? I know I want to ask a said friend out on a date, I don’t need to write it down. Oh!!! But you should. Why? As I mentioned, we think all day long. “What If’s” come up over and over. Remember turning the “I wish I had” into “I’m glad I did?” The next step is ensuring we don’t forget what we wanted to do in the first place. Let me ask you this… Have you ever been out at a movie, mall, park, anywhere and an idea for something you wanted to do come back to you? Example: Maybe you were watching a movie with mountains you think, “I remember a few months ago I had thought about finding a way to climb the mountain ‘insert place here’, but didn’t think I was in good enough shape. “What If” I can’t make it to the top?” It happens to the best of us. So let’s not miss out!

The best part is, writing it down isn’t scary. At least it shouldn’t be. We’re not saying you have to go after this, but you will have a better idea of the fears that are holding you back. Now that the easy part is out of the way, let’s deal with the hardest part.

  • How To Move Forward – I have been living seven hours away from my parents for over 11-years. They have only travelled to see me three times. Reason? My mom has a huge fear of driving down here. Her exact words, “What If” I get into an accident and die!? “What If” I get stuck behind traffic bumper-to-bumper and have a heart attack?” Don’t get me wrong, I can see why my mom is resistant to driving, but she hasn’t had anything horrible happen to her to cause this fear. It’s literally because she isn’t “comfortable” or “used to” driving in a larger amount of traffic. So in my mom’s case, what would she need to do to overcome the “What If”? She needs to stop thinking of the worst-case scenario! She needs to get in her car and drive. Yes, it will be nerve-wracking, but she will never get any better at driving if she doesn’t practice! Whatever it is you are trying to do…diet, ask a friend on a date, taking a course or exam, job-related advancements, flying, etc, as long as the action isn’t going to kill you, what is the worst that will happen? In most cases, you remain right where you are. (In my mom’s case, okay, “technically” she could die. But the likelihood is minimal.) – That …..may have been a bad example. But I’m sure you get my point.
Long time
  • You Need To Be Uncomfortable To Grow – Anything you do that doesn’t push your comfort boundaries will not allow you to grow as an individual. You will always remain where you are. If there is a “What If” situation that scares you, DO IT! Go after what you are afraid of! You can only be uncomfortable doing something for so long.

So What Have You Learned?

  • Understand YOU put limits on yourself and only YOU can let them go
  • Make a list of all the “What If” holding you back
  • Realize most of your “What If’s” are NOT going to kill you – So go for it!
  • You need to be uncomfortable to grow

What are your “What If’s” that could be preventing you from having a boyfriend, a job promotion or raise, a vacation in another country, having kids, or starting your own business?

If we all start taking small steps towards achieving what seems to be impossible, you will no longer have to say, “I wish I had” and you’ll finally be able to say, “I’m glad I did”.

PS. >>Can you believe I wrote “What If” 37 Times in just this one Blog? How many times are you saying it to yourself daily?

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Mama Robbins

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with Taryn

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Blog: 8 Steps To Achieve Anything You Want In Life
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Ray does such an excellent job explaining why it is so important for you to have a goal and steps to take to get there. She even uses an example and breaks it down in detail.
This is one of the best goal setting Blogs I’ve ever read. If you have a moment, check out her stories!
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Blog, Goal Setting, Self Improvement

When Did We Stop Dreaming?

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • The history of how we are programmed to stop thinking outside the box & how we can overcome the “average thinking” to achieve more
  • How to make a goal, come up with a plan, and how to execute

Mama Robbins Series

While writing my 2019 goals it occurred to me. When did people stop dreaming? If I were to ask you, what are some of your goals and dreams you want to accomplish this year, would you have an answer right away without really thinking about it? There have been countless times I ask this question to friends and family members and it’s astounding at the number of people that give me the same response….”Um….well….I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it.”

Did you know that if you have no idea where you want to be, you may already be there? Let that one sink in for a few moments…..

Where It All Started

It all stems back to our early years as young children. For the average person, we are usually raised by at least one of our parents in the baby years of our lives. Then, the parent(s) have to return to work and we are sent to daycare, friends, family or some form of childcare until we reach the school-aged years. Unless you had a stay-at-home-parent. While being at home and in other child minding facilities, we are encouraged to use our imagination. Asked to think outside the box. We play house with dolls, or complete races with dinky cars. We have stories read to us and we imagine what it would be like to be that fairy princess or the king of the town. We envision having all the money in the world or being a doctor saving lives.

Getting A Little Older

We then transition into Junior Kindergarten and attend a school with teachers that still encourage free play and using our imaginations. But what happens when we get to Grade 1 and up? Did you ever take notice of what “really starts to happen”? All of a sudden it’s, “Johnny, pay attention and stop doodling on your paper.” “Becky, the instructions stay to follow step 1 to 4 for a reason.” Robert, I asked you to draw a picture of a house you wanted to live in. Why did you draw a castle?” From a young age of 5 or 6, we start to be programmed to stop dreaming and stick to exactly what is being asked of us. Very rarely asked to think outside the box anymore. Even when we are, the people asking always have “their expections” and you may not meet up to them because you are thinking for yourself.

Mingling With The Big Kids

Fast forward a few years later and we are in Grade 8 where the schools ask you what you want to be when you grow up so you can pick the right courses for high school next year. When you tell them you want to be a dancer you get the, “Well, they don’t make much money and it’s super competitive. You should pick something else.” Maybe your a girl but really enjoy the mechanics of how things work and you tell them you want to be a mechanic and you get, “It’s maybe really hard to get hired because you are a girl. Do you like cooking? You could try for that instead? That may be better suited for you.” The comments are endless and I know so many people who had an idea of what they wanted to be when they grew up, but something or someone changed their mind.

College & Univeristy

Skip over to college or university – if you decide to go that far and we choose a program that we think will get us good grades and the good job. But what about the reality of the situation. Why do we strive for just good grades? What happen to our inner child of imagination. What did you REALLY want to be when you grew up and why are you not there now? Usually, the reason is fear and we stopped dreaming of what “could be” and are settling for what the “normal” is.

Why You Don’t Have More

Many of us at one point in our lives had an idea where we wanted to go and who we wanted to be. However, society had ingrained into our subconscious to stop believing we can do whatever we want in life. We have been told over and over our whole lives from friends and family to not take risks or to keep it safe. As a result, we end up in mediocre jobs, making less than desired wages, living lives we feel are incomplete….asking why do I not have more?

Ways To Fix This Problem?

How To Solve This – We need to accept the fact for years we have forgotten about our inner child. We need to tap back into that fearless creature and remember who we once were at the core. Do you remember the last time you had a desire of a job or something you wanted to aquire? Maybe it was a vacation you wanted to go on. Did you think about it on a regular basis, or was it just a passing thought? Make it a regular thought and dream about it as much as you can. They say the more you talk to yourself and visualize about a deam or a goal as if you already have it or have achieved it, your subconscious will actually try to find ways to aquire that desire. Sound crazy? Look it up! So we need to start thinking about what we really want in life and start making a plan to get there. How?

  • Think About What You Want – Brainstorm things you want in your life. This can be literally anything and they do NOT have to be 100% realistic. If you dream you want to be rich, visualize it. If you want to have an amazing vacation in Rome, visualize it. If you just want a nice weekend with family, visualize it. Do Not set limits. Dream Big or Go Home.
  • Write It Down – I have books that mention more goals and dreams are accomplished when they have been written down. Why? Because you can constantly be reminded where you want to go or what you want to achieve. Plus, you won’t forget and you have acknowledged to your brain what you are looking for.
  • Make A Plan – Once you have your goals and dreams, come up with a plan on how you will actually get there. What steps would need to be taken to actually achieve it? Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you need to get to your goal by working from where you are now. Instead, imagine where you “would be” and go backwards. Example: You want to be an Insurance Broker. Okay, I know that seems like a weird goal, but it was mine, so bare with me. So..prior to being the Broker, I need a license. How do I get the license? I need to take a course. Where is the course? I need to find one. Then schedule it. Etc….kind of see where I’m going with that?
  • Be As Specific As Possible – Saying you want to buy a house is great, but describe to me the house you want. Is it brick or vinal. Does it have a chimney? What colour is it? Where is it located? Describe to me the land it is on? Etc. When I talk specific, I mean down to the type of grass you want on your property. The more details you can put in your dream/goal the more your mind can try to make it happen.
  • Create A Realistic Time Frame – Maybe you want to be a teacher. You made the plan on how you will get there, the courses you need to take, and even figured out what you will specialize in. But how long will you give yourself to get there? Do you want to be a teacher in 2 years, maybe 5? For myself, I want to monetize my Blog by the end of this year! If you are not already, come up with a plan that is realistic to you to achieve this.

Not Letting Fear Hold You Back

Don’t let the fear of others hold you back from anything you want in life. There have been so many times I have attempted something I really wanted and others kept telling me it wasn’t going to work out, or that it was a bad idea. A great example for me was working for an insurance company selling life insurance. I had to call from a referral list, go to their homes and propose the product. This was 100% commission. If I didn’t make a sale, I didn’t get paid. For the four months I worked this position, which I was self-employed, I made the most money I ever have in my life. Family and friends kept trying to discourage me saying I would never make enough to live off of, I need to be careful or I may not make anything. What if this, what if that. That job changed my life and it allowed me to see what limits I really had on myself and I tore down a wall of fear that had been holding me back. Due to that job, I know now I can do anything I want in life, achieve anything I want and I won’t ever let someone else decide for me. If you are wondering why I am not in that position anymore…well…baby Rylan happen and it’s not really a job to have when you have small children.

Anywho, figure out what you want and just go for it. Regardless of the odds or the steps you need to take to get there. Regardless of what everyone else thinks. Sure, your path to get there is likely to change over time. Especially if it is a goal that is set up farther out, but don’t stop trying to achieve it. Keep pushing. Know that times can be hard and you may want to quit; and often. But as long as you try to make little achievements daily, eventually you will arrive. Don’t stop dreaming and create the life you always wanted.

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Top 10 New Born Products That Will Make Your Life Easier!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • The Top 10 Baby products that I have personally used for years with all my children that will make your life SO much easier
  • Links to each product via and

Mama Robbins Series

There are thousands of “must have” baby products and reviews on the market. How can you possibly decide what you “actually” need? Well, having been through the baby stage twice and currently with a newborn now, I have come up with “MY” Top 10 List of Must Haves and WHY I chose them.

1. Sleepers with Zippers – CA Link
Sleepers with Zippers – US Link
Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Infant 2-Pack Fleece Footed Sleep and Play
$20.99 CA
$15.99 US

SLEEPERS WITH ZIPPERS – We’ve all had those long nights where the baby is up and down for hours. Once you finally get baby to sleep, you rest yourself. After a few hours of slumberist (my own word) sleep, the baby wakes up and you are exhausted. Have you ever used a sleeper at night with buttons before? I have. Most of the time they never match up and I end up having to re-do the buttons with one eye open. If I can even manage that. Sleepers with zippers are a fantastic way to ensure your middle of the night diaper changes goes as quickly as possible.

2. Hooded Towels – CA Link
Hooded Towels – US Link
Baby Hooded Towel & 5 Washcloths Set, Super Cozy Animal Embroidery Pattern Infants Bath Towel, 5+1 Gift Pack
$12.99 CA
$8.97 US

HOODED TOWELS – If you’ve ever taken a baby out of a bath and used a normal towel, you either have to maneuver the towel or baby ends up shivering with exposed body parts. The hooded towels are an amazing purchase and an extra way to ensure baby stays even warmer by covering up their head. Plus, the above item even comes with extra washcloths. These make it a perfect buy as you get more bang for your buck!

3. Diaper Covers – CA Link
Diaper Covers – US Link
Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Owl, One Size
$13.99 CA
$8.99 US

DIAPER COVERS – Have you ever heard of a Rooster Tail? If you haven’t, this is the wonderful world of poop that shoots all the way up their back! Wouldn’t it be nice to keep that poop contained and their clothes clean? These diaper covers are one size, fits all, adjustable cover that will protect those wonderful clothes and keep the mess to a minimum. Okay, it won’t ALWAYS be perfect, but they do the best job I’ve ever seen. I use these on top of normal disposable diapers and it’s an extra layer of protection. Their machine washable and hang to dry.

4. Diaper Bag for Wet Clothes or Diapers – CA Link
Diaper Bag for Wet Clothes or Diapers – US Link
ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Wet/Dry Bags Waterproof Reusable Washable with Two Zippered Pockets Travel,Beach,Pool,Daycare,Soiled Baby Items,Yoga,Gym Bag for Swimsuits or Wet Clothes 2 Pack L5166-CA
$16.99 CA
$9.99 US

DIAPER OR CLOTHING BAG – I’m fairly confident if you already have children you know babies dirty majority of any fabric they come in contact with. Especially their clothes and burp cloths! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that has a double compartment for just that? These bags can come in three different sizes. I use the larger compartment for when they spit-up on their outfits and the burp cloths. The front, smaller compartment I use when I’m at a friends house, or somewhere I should not be throwing out the dirty diapers and bring them home with me. The inside has a waterproof liner that is super easy to clean and works wonders for taking care of this. If you have older children, you can use it for when they have accidents at school or even when you go swimming for your suits after they are wet.

5. Noise Machine – CA Link
Noise Machine – US Link
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light, Owl
$54.95 CA
$33.64 US

NOISE MACHINE – This is one of my personal favorites! This owl is great for white noise at different volumes. The chest is a night light with adjustable brightness. The top has a projector that displays stars on the ceiling (which is also adjustable). It plays a few different music lullabies. It can be battery or plugin operated, and it will remember the last settings if you turn it off. I love noise makers because not only do they help drown out some of the surrounding noise that may wake the baby, it will help mom and dad sleep if the baby is in the room. (You may have to get used to the white noise if you are not used to it. Though, if you are a heavy sleeper, this may not matter anyways.) When you are a light sleeper like myself, I find it really makes a difference. Especially when the baby likes to make noises or is even sick. Every squeak and sniffle would wake me.

6. Nursing Bra – CA Link
Nursing Bra – US Link
Suekaphin 5PACK Nursing Bra Wireless Bra Women’s Sleeping Maternity Bra Breastfeeding Bra
$43.99 CA (only 4pk)
$29.99 US

NURSING BRAS – This one is new for me with third baby. Prior to, I would use normal bras and just pull them down when feeding was required. After a few months, the shape of my bras would change and you could start seeing the bulges in my shirts. NOT ATTRACTIVE. Plus, sometimes we already feel self-conscious due to leftover “baby fat”…. we don’t need to make matters worse. Add these to your MUST HAVE items and it makes breastfeeding so much easier.

7. Lansinoh Nipple Cream – CA Link
Lansinoh Nipple Cream – US Link
Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 40g
$9.87 CA
$8.25 US

NIPPLE CREAM – I feel a lot of people think they only need to use Nipple Cream once their nipples get sore or cracked. Consider this like your facial routine (for those who have time for that stuff). We want to take care of our nipples BEFORE the problem occurs. Proper moisture helps prevent cracking. This is, unfortunately, something I did NOT do with my first two kids. I have been using this product with baby three and it has made breastfeeding so much better. Once you have cracked or split nipples, it’s extremely hard to keep the desire to keep breastfeeding.

8. Maternity Nursing Shirts – CA Link
Maternity Nursing Shirts – US Link
BINMUO Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top Sleeveless Comfy Breastfeeding Clothes
$18.92 CA
$3.99 US

BREASTFEEDING SHIRTS – Surprisingly I also did not take advantage of these my first two kids. I just wore any shirt that was low neck and come feeding time I pulled them down. Figures, same as my bras they would get all disfigured and stretched. Having a nursing shirt with a nursing bra makes a HUGE difference. You just unsnap come feeding time or open in the desired area and poof! Your shirt stays intact and no need to buy replacements. I personally have 4 nursing “undershirt tank tops”. I wear them under my normal clothes. If you have a nursing shirt that keeps you covered above and below the breast, all the better so you are less exposed. Not that I personally care. I feel if you don’t want to see, turn away! But for the sake of others, I am respectful and try to cover as much as I can.

9. Nursing Pads – CA Link
Nursing Pads – US Link
Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, 100-Count
$12.97 CA
$11.69 US

NURSING PADS – I’ve tried a variety of different kinds. I even used the full fabric washable ones to save money. However, if you have a heavy let-down like I do where you feel your breast is going to explode, it seeps right through it and still wets my shirt anyways. These Lansinoh ones have a waterproof backing that allows you to leak and not affect your clothing. I usually wear mine for two days and change them. You will know if you overwear them as they start to get “hard lumpy” spots in the pad. (I had forgotten to change them after three days…sleep deprivation 101 for ya)

10. Snap-N-Go Stroller – CA Link
Snap-N-Go Stoller – US Link
Baby Trend SG40100 Snap-N-Go FX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier, Black, One Size
$79.97 CA
$44.10 US

SNAP-N-GO STROLLER – You can have any stroller you want. However, these Snap-n-Go strollers are super lightweight, compact, fit in almost any trunk/car and will hold ANY car seat. This is great for going to those malls where you can’t bring the carts to each store with you. They are surprisingly sturdy and do a fantastic job.

I am currently using all the above-mentioned products and feel no one should live without them. As a third time mom, I can tell you I have tried a LOT of things and these are my Top 10 Recommended products because they make your life easier. And easy is one of the most important things as a parent to keep our sanity!

I hope you enjoyed reading “the why” behind my choices and can see for yourself why no one should want to live without them.

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Happy Friday – How To Make The Best Use Of Your Time On The Weekends

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • Learning how we wait till last minute to schedule our weekends, leaving us with little opportunity to plan properly
  • How to optimize planning the weekend out without over scheduling
  • Ways to leave time gaps as fillers in case things go horribly wrong
  • Ensuring you leave extra time free on Sunday to accommodate anything left over that wasn’t completed

Mama Robbins Series

It’s Friday morning and you realized….what in the world am I going to do this weekend? Maybe you have so much going on you have no idea how you are going to get to it all.

Whether you are a Stay-At-Home Parent, single, married, dual income or not, we all get busy. But how busy you get can make or break you. We want to find ways to accomplish some of the things that need to get done, but we also want to take advantage of the family time we have been given.

Making The Most Of Your Weekend

  • Don’t Wait Until Saturday Morning To Plan Your Weekend – Have you ever woke up Saturday morning wondering what you were going to do today?… You get up and do your usual routine and before you know it, it’s 4pm and you haven’t left the house. Do you feel super unproductive because you had so much you “wanted” to get done or activities with the kids and never got around to it? Throughout the week, write a few things you want to accomplish on the weekend. At latest Friday evening, sit down and hash out a plan. This will leave you feeling revived looking forward to your plans tomorrow and not leave you last-minute scrambling and missing out on your weekend.
  • Don’t Over Plan – Too many times I see people who have more to get done over the weekend then there are hours in the day! Between kids activities, chores, studying, errands and anything else you wanted to complete, sometimes we just need to take a step back and see how much we actually HAVE to get to. #1 – Figure out the MUSTS. What are the things you absolutely can not get out of or avoid? #2 – Figure out what other “realistic” things you can get into your day without over packing your weekend. One of the biggest struggles we have is saying NO. Learn the word and use it often if needed. Your weekend should be something you look forward to and can enjoy.
  • Don’t Expect To Get To It All – Once you have a few things planned over the next few days, PLAN for setbacks that will either take away an activity or change the timing it will occur. If you plan ahead for things to not go as expected, you will not only find yourself less frustrated when it doesn’t pan out, but you will also be able to make adjustments accordingly with some of the other time you have left.
  • Leave Time Gaps – When all else fails and something wasn’t able to get done, or maybe you just needed to push something back, you can leave time gaps to rearrange your schedule. Try to avoid scheduling back-to-back activities. For example: maybe you were supposed to go to the library with the kids at 10am, but your baby’s nap went longer than expected. Now you find yourself leaving at 11, and you had something else scheduled at 2pm. That still leaves you ample time to get the library in. Keep in mind, maybe you just need to take it off the schedule altogether.
  • Make Up Sunday – On Sundays leave a few time slots intentionally for things you still really wanted to get accomplished on the weekend, but never got around to on Saturday. Whether this is a house chore that kept getting pushed off because your toddler was having tantrums, studying you need to get in, or maybe the weather was horrid and you couldn’t make it to grandmas. I find scheduling a maximum of two activities on Sunday is enough to keep the family busy, but doesn’t take up so much time I can’t add anything else.
  • Optimize Free Time – Over the Saturday and Sunday you left some time gaps to ensure if anything goes wrong you can accommodate the new schedule without it setting you back too much. If nothing goes off the rails, have a list ready of a few things you can maybe squeeze in “if you feel up to it”. Don’t make this an expectation and above all, do NOT PLAN for this to happen. This is merely a time filler to get extra things accomplished. Maybe you make a special trip to the park with the kids because lunch finished early and your next activity isn’t until 4pm. Maybe you make a trip to the grocery store because grandma made a surprise visit and you were originally planning on going over to her house. Whatever the task may have been and the time that comes available, use it to your advantage. But if the day has been rough from the start and you get a few hours of free time to do whatever, maybe take this to just stay in the house and do what little you can.

Regardless of how your weekend turns out, the main thing to remember is time is the one thing we spend that we can never get back. So what are you doing with your time? Figure out ways to make the most of it.

I hope you can take away even one tip that will help you this upcoming weekend. I use these tips to spend as much time with my family as I can on the weekends because the kids are in school all day. I usually only see them a few hours each weeknight before bed. So I optimize my time where I can.

If you are struggling to find time to get those well-needed chores done to have more time on the weekends, you can also read “Letting Go Of Control To Get Chores Done & Having More You Time” I also have a post for Back To Work Mondays – How To Overcome The Dread Of Tomorrow, and Hump Day Wednesday – The Secret To Keeping You Motivated To Finish Your Week.

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