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Season 1: Episode 2 – How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Go After What You Want In Life – We all have fears. Some are easy to push through and some are not…at all. We fight with our minds because we have desires and dreams to achieve more in our lives, but we have fears holding us back. Want that to change? Want to get over some of these fears? Want a better job? Promotion? More money? Then this Podcast is for you! Come listen to some simple strategies to letting go of fears so you can stop saying, “I wish I had” and you can finally start saying, “I’m glad I did”.

Season 1: Episode 1 – Introduction: Get To Know Mama Robbins, Her Family, & Her Why – Come learn more about Mama Robbins and how this podcast came to be. Getting to know more about her, her family and why she chose Mama Robbins. Plus, a little incentive for those of you who offer services to others. You now have an opportunity to be on her Promotional Podcast for FREE!

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