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History Behind My Blog – How Did You Create Yours?

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Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • The breakdown of how I started and came up with my blog
  • How much it has cost me to date

Mama Robbins

For the longest time, I remember I wanted to write a book or do something where I can share my thoughts with others; long before the internet became a huge thing – sorry, I’m ageing myself. But the fear of taking a chance on something that could fail, not pan out to my expectations, or be criticized, held me back from ever taking the leap.

A few years ago, I started reading an abundant amount of books that talk about self-improvement, goal setting, achieving what you want in life. Out of all the books I have read in the last three years, thus amounting to around 30 books in total, I noticed there was one common statement. “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone”. It is the fear of failure that will keep you where you are unless you push yourself to achieve more. So…I took a chance in December 2018 to start my own website, as many of you already have, to pursue my goal of having a Blog. However, one of my concerns about starting my Blog was the time it may take me away from my family. Not to mention I had NO idea where to host my Blog, what topic I could aim for, how do I become separate from everyone else…. I read as a successful Blogger, you need to be consistent, engaging in your audience, be your “own” person. How in the world was I ever going to get anywhere when I had no idea how to use anything more than Facebook!!! Plus, I was about to have a newborn in just a few short months.

How I Discovered My Topic – Okay, so I had finally accepted the fact this was going to be a learning curve on its own. That also scared me, but I was not going to let it hold me back. Out of everything I have ever accomplished in my life, if I was going to let a little tech overhaulin’ freak me out, then I really needed to rethink this Blogging idea. But what about my topic? What is something I’m super passionate about? Then it came to me~ Limiting Tech around relationships and your kids.

Why that topic? Simple answer….my previous marriage was overtaken by technology. We drifted apart. I didn’t know how to set limits, though I tried, which failed. Then so did my marriage of 9 years. (This is a whole other story)

Creating The Content – Moving on…Now that I know what I need to learn to get my Blog going and I know my topic. With the help of some “tech friends” I was able to get my Blog site privately hosted (AWESOME) and now I just needed to start writing. I honestly had such a vague idea the depth to the topics I wanted to start, but over a few months I came up with the Headers you see now.

  • Undistracted Parenting – For parents to seek ways to help children with limited tech. Things we can do instead. How it affects our kids and parenting.
  • Undistracted Relationships – To build stronger, healthier relationships with everyone around you while limiting technology.
  • Self-Improvement & Goal Setting – Ways to improve yourself to get where you want to be in life.
  • Blogs I’m Following – This one I didn’t see coming, but I wanted to set myself apart from others and I needed my own “thing” and this just happened to be it. I read other Blogs and post reviews and send them the links.
  • Books I’m Reading – This was just an add-in as I love to read and you never really know what your audience wants to know about you.
  • Events – Anything related to events that can be limiting tech and such will go here.
  • What’s Going On (Diary) – This is a more personal touch to my blog on what is going on in my life.

Creating The Title – After I created some content, the last piece to this puzzle was the name. How long did it take you guys to come up with the name to your blogs?  I had already created an Undistracted Parenting Facebook Page in 2014 that aimed at this similar topic. I knew I wanted it to revolve around being “undistracted” (yes my own word), and I knew I wanted my name in it somehow. My last name is Robbins and it reminds me of a robin bird taking care of its young. I also figured when it is time for me to write a book, I want it to be a series of information. Thus, Undistracted Life Series with Mama Robbins was born, December 2018!

Final Touches – Once I came up with hosting location, content, name, etc,. Now to expand my name and get it out there. So I created the following accounts…

  • Twitter Account – I created a Twitter account as I know this is a great place to get views, meet other bloggers and connect with your audience.
  • Pinterest Account – I also created a Pinterest account. This one is taking a little longer to learn as I feel it’s more complex. Do you use Pinterest? Any advice on HOW to do this with Blogging? I heard/read something about joining boards? HOLY…..learning curve almost was at max capacity at this point.
  • Mail Chimp – Oh, and don’t forget….I needed a Subscription Mailing list???? So I then created an account for Mail Chimp. I was recommended Mail Chimp because you can have up to 2500 subscribers before you have to start paying for any premium things. SCORE! I also love it’s auto-post to other accounts you have and the ability to schedule your content!

Total Cost To Date – Previously, I had registered for the “Real” WordPress and Constant Contact for my subscription tracking. This was going to cost me next to $48/year for my WordPress domain name and $15/month for the subscription management and my name would have “.blog” in it. However, the only cost I had for setting up my Blog was $28 CA as it is privately hosted through GoDaddy and it still uses WordPress. So I get all the amazing features everyone else does for WAY less! I wouldn’t of been able to have the domain I do had I stayed with normal WordPress because it would have cost me way more than this.

Next Steps – Don’t get me wrong, there are still so many things I need to research and learn to optimize where I want to take this. My end result will be to monetize off my Blog. This is also a scary thought! Making money for writing what I love? Weird and seems so simple. I know I need to look at adding ads into my Blogs and so many more things, but over time I will figure it all out.

How did you discover that you wanted to be a Blogger? What helped you chose your topic or do you write about anything? Do you have any advice for new Bloggers, such as myself, to incorporate to make this successful?

Though this whole process has been “Uncomfortable”, I can already see results. I love to interact with other Bloggers and get their content noticed as well. Nothing makes me feel better than to know I have helped someone else with what they love doing. If “Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone” will help me achieve something great in life, I am 100% on board to making the changes to get there.

I hope you enjoy the discovery of how Mama Robbins became a reality. I know I have loved the growth it has taken me to get to this beginning stage and all you amazing ladies and gents I have met to get here. If you have any advice, comments, or want to discuss Blogging, feel free to email me.

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Mama Robbins


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