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Hump Day Wednesday – The Secret To Keep You Motivated To Finish Your Week

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • How to create anticipation throughout the week
  • Ensuing you plan in advance
  • Always having something to look forward to
  • Make sure you don’t over plan your week

Mama Robbins

If you are a Monday to Friday worker, only two days have passed. You wake up Wednesday morning and you are thankful there only two more days to go after today. But you feel worn out, done, ready for it to be Friday. (Don’t get me wrong, we usually feel this Monday as well, but let’s stay focused on middle of the week.) You just want 2 more DAYS to sleep not hours. If you are a Stay-At-Home-Parent, you may not even realize it is Wednesday, but you still wish the week would come to an end. If only there was a way to keep us motivated to push through what seems to be a never-ending cycle of time.

An amazing design feature of the humankind is most of us love the excitement of anticipation. Have you ever planned an outing, trip, or vacation, days, weeks or months ahead and everyday you wake up, you think of that trip? You get an overall sense of joy for the adventure. If we use this properly, you can create this feeling on a daily basis.

How Do We Create Excitement Daily?

  • Plan At Least A Few Days In Advance – If you hadn’t done so already earlier in the week, take some time on Wednesday (or any day really) and plan something for the upcoming weekend. Don’t make it something that you dread doing, like going to visit the in-laws you can’t stand. Plan something either just yourself or the whole family will actually enjoy. We have created Traditions – Almost every Saturday morning I will take my kids to an Early Years Centre to play. This gives the kids time to play, me bonding time with my new little man (Baby Rylan) and adult conversation time. We also either go out for breakfast every Sunday morning, or we go to the in-laws for supper Sunday nights. This ALWAYS gives me something to look forward to every week. These plans rarely ever change. They are almost set in stone.
  • Always Have Something To Look Forward To – Take the time to figure out what you can keep moving towards. I have a countdown app on the main screen of my phone. It always shows me how many days I have left until whatever I’m doing. First was my trip to Rome, then my wedding, Christmas Holidays, my baby due date that just past in Feb 2019, now my husbands birthday in March. Have you ever noticed when you don’t have something to look forward to you can feel …almost a sense of emptiness? Do you feel you wished you felt happier? This can be overcome by planning activities continually after one has finished.
  • Don’t Over Plan Your Week – I’ve seen countless families who tell me they have one kid in soccer on Monday, kid two has hockey Wednesday and Friday, and kid one and three have swimming lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings. No wonder you feel you have NO time for you. I get keeping your kids involved, but one sport/activity once a week is amble, and it should NOT come at the expense of causing the parents stress. If you don’t have kids, take the time to plan one or two things for the week. Whether it’s for coffee, retail therapy with friends, going to visit family, etc. But avoid planning for more than three days of the week. How many times do you plan things and oh….something has come up and now I can’t. Can we reschedule? Then you just caused yourself more stress because you have to cancel and break the bad news.
  • Set Small Daily Goals – We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed with too much going on. So setting small goals daily will encourage you to keep moving. This can be anything that excites you, make you feel productive, give you a sense of happiness when you have completed the task. If you love cleaning, set a SMALL goal you need to take care of at home. Like just cleaning out that one cupboard you have been putting off. Just throwing in ONE load of laundry. Maybe you are a blogger: set a time range to write even one paragraph, or take a piece of paper while you are at work or out and start drafting some ideas. Then “Plan” the next few days on writing. If getting outside exercising is your thing, plan a nice walk after dinner either alone or with someone. Find something that is easily changeable if your plans don’t work out.

Being able to stay motivated has a huge impact on your mood. The happier, more productive and accomplished you feel, the more likely you will be to feel like the week isn’t taking a tole on you. Now…if you dispise your job…..that is a whole other topic. The one thing I could tell you on this one, is stop working in something you hate and find something you love. When you love what you do it is no longer a job, but your passion. (Easier said than done I know….like I said – whole other topic).

I hope you were able to take something away from these few tricks to get you through your week. I will also be posing a Back To Work Monday & Happy Friday Blogs that will help you for the entire week and planning things for weekends.

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Mama Robbins

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