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A Book For You – An Imperfect Parent In An Imperfect World

Mama Robbins

We all do it. We compare ourselves to others. Whether it’s the job they have, the money they are making, the things they possess or how happy they seem. But more importantly, we compare ourselves to how others are as parents. We create this idea in our minds of what type of parent we should be, how we should act, and worst of all, how we should handle ourselves in a situation.

Do you ever find yourself analyzing another parent thinking….”Wow, they really have their stuff together!” Maybe you think… “I really wish I loved staying home as much as that parent does. They do crafts with their kids, they have their house looking like perfection, their relationship with their spouse is flawless. I wish I had that.” It could even be as simple as… “I wish I could be as calm as they are.” Do these types of thoughts ever cross your mind? They do with me that is for sure and it can be stressful!

Why do we do this to ourselves!???

Well, I have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is I am currently working on a book that will jump in and really dissect why we do this and what we can do to “let go” and be content with who we are. The bad news?……..It won’t be released until 2021. I know…that’s so far away but this type of examination is crucial to our own personal development as individuals and as parents.

What I’ll Be Covering – Scratching The Surface

  • The working parent – How we want to do it all while working a full-time or part-time job.
  • The stay-at-home parent – How we want to strive for perfection as we are home all the time and maintain a clean and happy household.
  • The yelling parent – You find yourself yelling often and wish you could be like the other parents that are always so calm and composed.
  • The OCD parent – You always try to keep things a certain way and can’t let go of control wishing you didn’t feel so compelled to do things your way all the time.
  • The busy parent – You ALWAYS have something on the go and find yourself consumed by events, appointments, meetings, or outings. You are looking for a way to feel “less busy” yet still remain productive.
  • and so many more!!!

How Will This Help You?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not reinventing the wheel with this information. I know there are likely books out there that talk about just this type of thing. However, this book will have all these goodies in one location instead of all different books and will be written by ME! Why is that such a big deal? Because believe it or not….I WAS all of the types of parents listed above! How can that be?

Being Relatable Is Half The Battle

I am a working parent. I have a full-time job. (At the time I’m writing this post). I have to find ways to do my everyday life on top of putting in a full day’s work. I was the stay-at-home-parent. Trying to keep the kidlets busy all day and keeping my sanity while comparing myself to other moms who just seem to be doing better then I was. I was the yelling parent. There was a time I yelled at my kids all the time and I felt horrible because I knew so many other moms that were just so….easy going and had this….amazing ability to never get what I felt was even irritated. That alone irritated me! But due to hard work, consistency, and self-improvement, I prevailed to almost never yell at my kids. I was the OCD parent. Okay, this one is a lot harder to do. Trying to keep my house running, cleaned, dinners, homework, laundry, etc. I just couldn’t keep doing it alone anymore and I needed to “give up” some of my control and let my kids and husband help. I felt other parents really had this down and they did what they had to do and they didn’t seem to even mind. This was the hardest for me to overcome. Then there is the “busy parent”. I was that parent that never had any empty space on my calendar. If I did, I felt like I wasn’t being productive enough, or that I needed to do more. What’s one more task added to my To-Do or my schedule. Problem is, it can leave you deflated, worn out, and even broken. Seeing other moms taking their kids to four different practices a week, running a home daycare, planning fresh wholesome meals, plus all these extra activities she did on the side. I asked myself…”Why can’t I do that and still function?”

My personal take on the different types of parents and how we compare ourselves to others is 100% going to be a full personal revelation and I will give practical examples how I overcame each one and what will help you. Plus, I want to ensure I am not leaving out the fathers. This isn’t going to be a one gender fits all. I want to ensure I encompass each and every one of you that this may apply to because I know what this “ideal parenting” can do to a relationship and do to you! It is so important we work together to discover why we behave this way and really get down to the root so you can take the steps needed to be a joyful, happy, and content parent!

I Need Your Help!

So, with that being said I am asking for your help. As this will be a journey for myself to ensure I touch on as many comparisons as possible, what do you find you are comparing with another parent and how do you feel about it. What is something you would like to let go of to be a better person when comparing yourself to another parent? This won’t be a one size fits all kind of book, so all your opinions, suggestions and help will be more than appreciated.

I am so excited to embark on this amazing opportunity with all of you and I cannot wait until the book release. I will likely be looking at Amazon, Kindle and Print on Demand options for this book. If you would like me to put you on a list to ensure you don’t get missed on the release date, let me know and as soon as it comes available I will send you a direct email!

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