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Discover How To Be Successful: Top 10 Self-Improvement Books You Should Be Reading

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • My Top 10 Self Improvement Books I have read
  • How each one changed my life
  • These are in no particular order

Mama Robbins Series

Personality Plus

Personality Plus discusses FOUR different personality types. It teaches you how to talk to people and why they behave the way they do. I’m sure you have someone in your life that just seems to do rude things for no reason and they don’t even know they are doing it. Likely, they “actually” don’t know. They don’t do things to be mean, they just don’t have the knowledge to acknowledge their behaviour to change. Maybe you have someone in your life that is just utterly lazy and never wants to leave the couch or someone who can’t keep quiet…I mean ever! This book will help you understand why they are this way.

How It Changed My Life…

This book has allowed me to discover my own personalities. For example, my personality is a Choleric/Melancholie – I am strong willed and love details. (Except when I write. Writing has never been my strong point) Oddly enough, my husband has the SAME personalities as I do. Had I not read this book, we would have never worked! Honestly, in the beginning, it was a little rough. We fought quite often over the dumbest thing and he got on my nerves way too often. Now, the difference is like night and day! So…this book is a high priority. Especially when it comes to ALL relationships. Plus, there is a quiz that will allow you to determine what Personality you are.

The 5 Love Languages

An absolute must! Why? Imaging doing something for your partner that YOU think will make them happy. The only problem is they don’t seem as happy about it as you expected them too. Reason? Usually, it’s because you are not targeting “their” Love Language. This book goes over the FIVE different Languages and even has a quiz in the back for both you and your partner. Once you discover what you are, you can then ensure you are proving your partner with the Love Language that will ACTUALLY make them happy.

How It Changed My Life…

How did it change my life? Well….now when I want to show my husband I love him, not that he doesn’t already know, but I will ensure we go out for a walk and I turn off all devices. 100% “QUALITY TIME” – His #1 Love Language. Or, maybe I decide to tell him how great of a job he is doing helping out with the kids. “WORDS OF AFFIRMATION”. As for him, I am “ACTS OF SERVICE” and “PHYSICAL TOUCH”. He knows he should be helping me with chores around the house or cuddling with me on the couch, or extra hugs. This made our relationships a TON better and it’s crazzy to realize it all came from this book!

The Magic Of Thinking Big

The title of this book kind of says it all. It walks you through how we can limit our thoughts and question what we can really achieve. It discusses some of the different excuses we may use to get out of things we are even afraid to do and don’t realize we are doing it. This book will give you steps to think BIGGER so you can start getting more out of life!

How It Changed My Life…

The Magic of Thinking Big really made a huge impact on my life as it allowed me to see the dumb excuses I would always make for not going after what I wanted. My goals would seem “Too Big” to accomplish, so why bother attempting in case I failed. Now, I don’t care about the “realisticness” of the goal. I will make a plan to try to go after it anyways. Even if I do fail, I tried and I will always learn something from the process.

How To Have Confidence & Power In Dealing With People

This is a fantastic read for anyone, even more so for those who are used to being quieter and laid back will benefit even more! This book helps you build confidence in yourself and learn traits you already possess to use to your advantage. Are you afraid to be around people? This book is for you!

How It Changed My Life…

My biggest fault…I LOVE to talk. I could talk all day on anything. However, most people don’t want to actually listen to you, they want to talk about themselves. I learned how to step back, breath, and take in all of what someone else is telling me. I learned to ask more engaging questions and really hear someone instead of thinking of my response WHILE they were talking. This is a huge control factor for me and it is still hard to this very day. But it is what is most beneficial for others.

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is the ONE thing we have 100% control over. Whether you are having a rough day right from getting out of bed, (these days seem to be the worst) forgot something at home that you needed for work, or your kids are completely stressing you out. But YOU can control if you take it and leave it. Or you can say “What the heck”, brush it off, and be happy anyways. I also loved this book because it’s super small and very easy to get through.

How It Changed My Life…

I struggled big time with always thinking negative. Literally, about everything. I’m sure you know the feeling of down thinking, it can make a mountain out of the molehill! Augh…that feeling is horrible. However, I was able to REALLY dig into this one and put the message to practice the same day I started reading it. WOW…..what a difference. Now, I am able to have something difficult or bad happen to me and CHOOSE to be okay with it. I learn a lesson in everything, so whatever it is can only make me stronger!

Eat That Frog

Oh…one of my favourites. Why do today what you can get done tomorrow. This book is ALL about procrastination and how to just “start”.
This book will give you all the information you need to get those pesky, stressful tasks completed and work your way through what is holding you back. Another very small read

How It Changed My Life…

I used to have a huge issue with putting things off until they piled up so high I wouldn’t even want to consider the task. Picture albums for the kids, craft projects, paperwork that “I’ll do tomorrow, but tomorrow never came”. Didn’t matter what it was, unless it was an emergency it almost never got done! Now, I have a shred, delegate, file process to ensure I don’t get stressed out anymore all because of this book. Even dealing with emails, writing my blog…yes, there ARE days I don’t want to do this either. However, the idea is just to sit down and START. Don’t plan how much you will get done. Just start. That has made almost everything I do in life just that much easier.

The Ant & The Elephant

I had no idea how this book was going to tell me anything. I mean…look at the title! However, this is all about your conscious and subconscious mind. As they describe it…imagine you are an ant on an elephants back. As you, the ant is walking towards the tail and the elephant is walking forward, you are getting nowhere, but farther behind. This book tells you how to align our two minds so we can stop self-sabotaging ourselves.

How It Changed My Life…

We create these horrible self-sabotaging habits in our lives and we don’t even know we are doing it. A common one is pushing people away from you who start getting close and you feel they deserve more than you. Without thought, you push them away and then either end up leaving or you make a HUGE mistake. (I was there). This book allows you to find ways to convince your mind of all the things you want and how to chase after them.

Financial Fitness

Have you ever struggled with your finances? Do you find you have way more money going out than coming in? If your compound interesting working against you…and what I mean by this…when you wake up, are you broker than when you went to sleep? It is amazing what our lives have come to these days with inflation and all the other nonsense with money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have money stashed up for a rainy day? How about if something goes wrong with your car or appliance, you just tap into your savings and it’s all taken care of and you barely notice?

How It Changed My Life…

This book saved my LIFE. Not kidding. I was the average person living paycheque to paycheque. No savings and if anything went wrong, ohhhh dang! I had no way to come up with any extra sum of cash on the spot. After this read, I now have an emergency fund with “life or death” money, target savings for random purchases, learned about the “snowball effect” and so much more. My finances have never been better! It’s amazing what this little great book can do! So this is a definite must-read for sure!

Thick Skinned

Do you find your feeling get hurt easily? This short read is an amazing way to get thicker skin so those pesky comments just roll right off. It teaches you ways to pick out the things that really matter.

How It Changed My Life…

From reading this book, I am finally able to pick out what really matters in life. I am able to “pick my battles” so to speak. This has made a huge change in my life as now I’m not feeling beat down but comments that really shouldn’t be taking away time. Especially when it comes to parenting, picking your battles is super important. Less arguing!

Turn The Page

I am sure most of us would say, “Why would I need a book that tells me how to read?” Well…have you ever read a chapter in a book and wonder, what in the world did I just read? Can you remember most of the details from every chapter in a large book? If you can, I’m jealous. However, if you are like me, you probably struggle to remember a majority because there is just SO MUCH content!

How It Changed My Life…

This book will teach you the opposite of everything you learned as a child and dealing with books. You will learn to write questions at the beginning of this book, highlight, mark in the margins, argue with the author, and more! After understanding the proper method of reading, it was amazing HOW MUCH MORE I was able to grasp from every book I read thereafter! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone who reads at all – which…let’s face it…should be everyone!

There are SO many books out there that have lessons you can learn. I love to look at authors as distant mentors. When you do, your opportunities are endless with the amount of information you can learn and from whatever topic you want. Don’t stick with normal novels all the time. If you make sure you are reading at least ONE self-improvement book, over time the transformation will be amazing!

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My 2019 Goals – What Do You Want To Achieve This Year?

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • How goals are not always easy to set
  • What my goals this year are
  • Ways you can start making your own goals

Mama Robbins Series

Setting goals does not come easily to me, but I know writing them down can increase your chances of hitting them. I’ll warn you in advance, this Blog is more a personal one. As part of my own self-improvement, I want to write these goals to keep track of them and check back in 2020 to see how they panned out. What about you? Have you thought about what you want to achieve this year? Maybe some of my goals may inspire you or give you an idea of what you can aim to achieve. So without further delay:

  • Monetize My Blog – By 2020 I want to have started making money off my Blog. I don’t care if it’s even just a few dollars a month. Any income is a success for me. My goal with monetizing is to afford to create e-courses or materials to help others. However, I will not be charging the crazy amounts other people see. I’ve watched and studied so many online tutorials, e-courses, webinars, etc., and they ALL have an end result of “click here and purchase” with a price tag that I feel is ridiculous. The average course is around $600 with the ones I have watched and have hit a max price of $3059 for one of them. After only watching a Webinar, how do I trust your material is worth it? I get the money back guarantee, but sometimes the hassle is not worth my efforts. That is a LOT of money to risk – so I want to price more in a range the “start-up” can even afford. I feel when your mindset is more to help people than to profit, it’s a win-win!
  • Twitter Followers to 2000 – This is self explanatory – I promote a lot of my blogs on Twitter, but moreso I engage with my audience. I reach other to others and ask for advice, help others who I see need it and also get a lot of “Special Feathers Bloggers” from promoting here. My Twitter Family right now is unbelievable. They are all extremely genuine people and no one talks down or degrades anyone. If I see any negative feedback on my feed, DELETE! It’s that simple.
  • Understand & Optimize Pinterest – This whole Blogging thing has been a learning curve on it’s own. I’ve also learned Pinterest has grown to be one of the top locations to gain traffic with your Blog – so I need to learn the in’s and out’s of Pinterest and take advantage of directing others to my work! I recently starting using Tailwind and this has been a LIFESAVER! It allows me to auto post for the week so I can focus on what really matters. My content!
  • Qualify for AdSense – This may seem strange, but I want to be able to post and use AdSense on my Website. However, after applying recently, my content is not yet up to par with their regulations. Once I get a few more posts and hash out some more details on the layout, I hope to qualify to start advertising!
  • Be Consistent With Blog Posting – As I’m sure you all know, consistency is key with anything you do in life. Blogging is no exception. I want to make sure regardless of what happens I can post at least ONCE a week. I don’t think that is too much to ask of myself. I understand I have three kids under 8, and a full-time job come November, but finding time is a priority for me. Right now my posting schedule is Wednesdays (Throw Back – Old post republished) and Fridays (Friday Frenzy – New Blogs)
  • Obtain my RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) License (again) – Technically at this moment I already this license and it is valid. However, after having a baby I will end up letting it lapse as I’m not employed with an insurance brokerage at this time. So…around September I will start studying to take my exam and expect to be “relicensed” by November.
  • Start Working For Insurance Company – I am currently employed with a car dealership. Not where I want my career to go. So I have a potential job lined up with an Insurance Brokerage I’ve wanted to work for years! Due to some initiative on my part, I may have got myself an in! This is a crazy story. Quick – Essentially I saw a job posting online and new I couldn’t apply because I was able to go on maternity leave. I went to their website, posted a comment how I wished I could have applied and expected nothing. Few days later I got an email from the manager asking if I would be intersted in taking some time to have a phone interview. That week we completed the phone interview where we discussed me coming in during the summer for an in-person interview. I followed up a few weeks ago and guess what???!!! My interview is scheduled for May 7, 2019. Talk about something happening when I did not expect it to!
  • Buy My Husband Car – He is a mechanic. Anyone who knows a mechanic or is married/with one will know they run those things to the ground! The one he has is falling apart. So I would like to get him another “used” car before Summer. The type is all on him. Likely a standard because he is picky.
  • Have An Emergency Fund – Yes I currently have a savings account, but it isn’t anywhere near what I would like it to be. I would like to have an emergency fund that has 3 months of living expenses should the worst happen. This would be the end goal. For now, as hubby and I are both on parental leave, 1/3 of that amount will do for the end of the year. ($2500)
  • Visit Parents For Christmas – This one seems like it should be simple, but requesting time off from a new employer can sometimes be challenging. Especially it will be for one week! My parents live in Northern Ontario and it’s a 7 hour drive from where I am. If you know much about me, I’m huge into family time and being together.
  • Create Business Cards – As part of my Blogging, I feel business cards would be a nice touch. I have people bring up topics I speak of on my blog and I find it would be much easier to have cards to hand out with my information instead of writing it down on paper all the time.
  • Write A Book (Rough Draft) – I’m not sure on the direction this one is going. I’ve had a few great ideas on a few children books. Think about it…my Business name is Mama Robbins Series – This gives me the opportunity to write a “series” of books and will work well into my blogging.
  • Start Vlogging (YouTube Channel – May 2019) – This will be to add a personal touch to my brand. I want my followers to see the real me. Have you ever heard an author speak and every book you read after that it’s almost like you can hear them talking? I want my audience to really hear me when they read my Blogs. Plus, it will be great for those who don’t like to read!

These are just a handful of goals I would like to achieve THIS YEAR. My actual Goal List is comprised of 90 Goals right now. That’s an insane amount. They range from getting certified in specific programs, to vacations, to simply being a better mom. Like I mentioned before, goal setting has never come easy for me but ensuring I make them and write them down is key to success. A lot of us set limits on what we think we can achieve in life and we need to get outselves out of this mindset. When it comes to goal setting, NEVER hold back. Once you realize what you are truly capable of, you will start achieving success in your life in areas you never thought possible.

I hope reading some of my basic goals for 2019 have started a thought process of your own. What do you want to achieve this year? Where would you like to see yourself in the next 30 days, 12 months, 2 years, 5, 10 or even 20? Start out with 10 goals and constantly build on them. You should evaluate this on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis and never stop adding to your list.

If you would like to read more about specifics on how to make a goal, how to plan, setting deadlines and how to execute, head over to my Blog on “When Did We Stop Dreaming”. Also, if you feel you are struggling to make your goals or have no idea where to start….email me and I can coach you, FOR FREE, how to go after what you want.

Make your dreams and desires come to life…one step at a time.

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Bringin’ Back The Good Ol’ Days Of Easter

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Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • The way Easter was celebrated in my family when I was a child
  • How Easter went from just chocolates to include extravagant toys
  • Ways to bring back the focus of Easter to include Quality Family Time
  • Great ways to save money on Easter purchases
  • Establishing new traditions
  • Incorporating a “no technology” policy for the dinner table and limiting elsewhere for Easter

Mama Robbins Series

Oh….the good ol‘ days of Easter. Do you remember what Easter was for you when you were a child? Do you remember waking up on Easter morning almost as excited as you were come Christmas day thinking, “It’s EASTER!!!! The bunny has come!!!” I do….but times have changed, we grew up, and now have kids of our own. |How has Easter become more about the candy, chocolates, gifts and toys? Let’s step back to a moment in time when I was growing up and see where we once were to where we are now. Let’s discover a way together that will bring back what really matters on these holidays……and what is that you may ask? Family!

It was Easter morning when I was a wee little girl, around 4-years-old. The sun had just started to shine through the crack of my curtains. I woke up suddenly when I realized what day it was. It was EASTER! I jumped out of bed, threw on my sweater and out my bedroom door I went. Running as fast as my feet could carry me into my parents’ bedroom. As I jumped on the bed I yelled, “Mommy….Daddy! It’s Easter morning!!! The bunny has come and I want to get my chocolates! Get Up, Get Up, Get Up!!!”

Those ears kill me – I bias, but they are so cute!

It was “procedure” in my home before we could start collecting our goodies my parents’ needed to be awake. As I am a parent myself, I now realize it was to enjoy the experience with me. As I went from room to room collecting all the chocolates that were left by Mr Bunny, I remember how much joy I had. Once the adventure of collecting all my candy was complete, we did a family movie. Mom, dad, myself and my puppy Tiny sat on the couch and I was able to pick whatever I wanted. (I think it was Dumbo?) For the longest time as a child, around Easter, we usually still had some snow on the ground. But for some reason, Easter Day it always seemed to rain and the dirt in our driveway always became muddy. Oh….how I loved the mud. However, I don’t think my mom was quite as much of a fan as I was….Sorry mom. I may have messed up your floors a tad.” Nonetheless, she would let me go play in the puddles until supper.

Supper was the most famous of it all. I remember, though it was exciting to wake up in the morning and gather all the chocolates, nothing compared to the excitement of all my family coming over and my mom cooking a big feast! Turkey, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cob corn, cranberries, hot apple pie, you name it! I may be a little bias, but I LOVE my moms cooking! Around 2pm my four cousins would show up with my Uncle Ron! Later in the afternoon my sister, my aunts, and uncles and my grandparents would also come over. Our family dinner usually consisted of 12 to 18 people.

Once supper was ready, mom yelled at us to come in. As we knew what was going to be on the table, there was never any fight to come back home. We ran into the house, got cleaned up and that is when the magic happened. The experience we would tell and the stories we would share. It all made Easter one of my favourite days of the year.

Fast forward to age 6…..I was up Easter morning more excited than ever! Why? As I go to collect my chocolate I found a clue, “I’m in the room where you have cable. Maybe look under the living room table”. I head to the living room and see a small box just in my vision….I reached under and grabbed the flashy coloured box. It was a felt craft! Mr Bunny started to leave me gifts! With that craft box, I found another clue. “In my bedroom, I may hide. This door can swing from side to side”. I went to my room and discovered it was in my closet! What was it? A Polly Pocket Set! ——–Okay, first off. As I’m writing this…wow…the memories….Polly Pocket Set???? I miss those things….Anywho…as tradition would carry on, the family started to come over around 2pm, followed by the rest. My cousins and I still played outside in the mud, because it never seemed to fail to rain that day, and the converstions at the table were just as they always had been.

Hop, skip, and a jump to 2019…..I hear other parents tell me how they have chocolates, candy bars, LOL dolls, monster trucks, and some are even purchasing those $400 Electric Kids Cars and doing a “finale” in their garage! “You are doing WHAT!!!????” Um….I seriously feel we are forgetting what holiday we are in. Plus, from other Easters I have witnessed with friends, it all ends up where the kids go play alone with their toys as they have interest in nothing else. If the family has come over they all round up in the living room and sit on their phones or turn on the TV. Don’t get me wrong, some of them “do talk”, but it’s usually, “Did you hear so and so did this, or so and so did that?”. I would say 90% of the conversation is negative talk. Come supper, no one has anything good to say about anyone, or they all talk about how their lives are completely falling apart. Oh boy…… I understand wanting to vent about issues, but there is a time and a place. So….what am I suggesting we do about it?

$$Stop Spending So Much Money$$

Let me ask you. Do you ever feel sometimes your kids are less appreciative towards the things they receive? You may get them a toy and they complain it wasn’t the right one, or it’s not what they wanted. Now, the “Easter Bunny” is bringing them all this “stuff” and they can’t even thank YOU for it! The credit is going to Mr Buggs over there. Yes, you can see the joy they have of receiving such a miraculous gift, but it sets an expectation he will ALWAYS bring extravagant things. Easter, though you can make it whatever you want, should remain a …..simple and fun day.

However, if you can’t help yourself and you feel the urge to buy, here are some ideas on a budget:

  • Dollar Store! – You can buy tons of little re-usable plastic eggs that open. You can put erasers, stickers, tattoos, hair clips, bracelets, lego pieces, etc inside them. This is a great help to replacing so much junk food.
  • Dollar Store! – You can also go down the craft section and buy colouring books, pencils, crayons, paper, notebooks, reading books, crafts, etc for “larger” type purchases. Remember, keep it small!
  • Dollar Store! – You can purchase all your chocolate here. Why? Because they are young and I hope they haven’t aquired a taste for the expensive stuff yet. Plus, this will save you quite a bit when you spend $1.50 on a bag of chocolates, compared to other places that charge $4.50 per bag. (Canadian Dollars here, to note the difference)

Notice a trend there? 🙂 Dollar Store = Great Things

Be Actively Engaged With Your Kids

Sorry for the blur – My mom wouldn’t stop moving 🙂

It’s only one day, but it should be a day your kids will remember. A day that mom, dad, aunti, uncle, grandma, grandpa, or whoever spends actual quality time with their kids. If they receive toys, get down on the floor with them and play. (if this is optional of course) Ask them if they want to go play outside. If it is raining and not too cold, get dress appropriately and go nuts. it all washes off eventually. Play some board games, makeup games, but be actively engaged with them.

Limit The Device Use

You can even make it fun by giving everyone a pin when they come in, kind of like what would happen at a baby shower, but if you catch anyone looking at their phone, turning on the TV, playing with a device, you get to take their ribbon. Whoever has the most at the end of the evening can win a prize. Above all, NO CELL PHONES AT THE TABLE! Turn them off, put them on silent, or if you need it on, keep it in another room where you can hear it. Unless it is an absolute emergency, leave it alone!

Create A Family Tradition

This is some random family I found on the internet…. 🙂

We all have family traditions. Something we carry on over the generations. If mealtime is a family tradition. Fantastic, keep it up! Try to make mealtime the focal point of the day. Talk about positive experiences you had as a child, as you grew older or even today. Ask your kids questions about their day, keep them included in the conversation. Kids can be inspired by the stories their parents tell. They think, “I want to grow up and be just like my mom or dad!”

I know as a parent we sometimes have the feeling, “I just want to provide my child with more than I had has a kid”. But remember this….toys and gifts will come and go….but memories will last forever!

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Mama Robbins

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Crystal does such an amazing job describing her 5 Family Easter Traditions. Just as I was describing above in my Blog post, Traditions are super important. Once I read Crystal’s family would go out and purchase a new dress and shoes every Easter for Church, I became inspired to start this at home myself! What a great idea. She also has other fantastic traditions she does with her family and you can really hear how fun and important these are to her. What a great way to spend your Easter. I believe just from reading her Blog, I will be adding some of these to my list. You HAVE to check it out. What an amazing read!
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Getting Ready For Easter With Cricut
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Let me start by saying Kay has a way more creative bone than I do. Wow! I had no idea this “Cricut Machine” even existed. Kay shows us a few of the designs this machine can help you make and they really do look super simple and easy! This is a wonderful Blog to check out for inspirational ideas to do with your kids or even just yourself for Easter. It’s a must see!
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I Received The Blogger Recognition Award – Why It’s So Important!

A huge shout out and thank you goes to Gurru Says for nominating me to receive my first Bloggers Recognition reward! Thank you so much darlin’. When I first stumbled across Gurru Says website, I was floored. You know how they say you should never compare yourself to other bloggers? Well…it’s extremely hard not to when you see her site. Her Magazine Blog site has an abundance of fantastic information including; Life Hacks, Kids, Technology (the “how to” of Blogging – My Fav) and More!!! Plus, the layout and the ease of access makes it a top-notch site in my book! See her Blog Post HERE where she nominates myself and 14 others to share the love. Honestly, her Blog is so phoniminal, I’d say take a pause for a moment and go check it out! It’s THAT GREAT!

The Importance Of This Award

First, let me start by saying I opened Twitter this morning and saw I was nominated to receive The Bloggers Recognition Award. Here I am staring at my phone thinking….”The what???” I have never heard of this prior, but it didn’t matter. It said reward and my name was attached. Who wouldn’t be excited. I immediatley opened Google and did a search…..Holy Cow!!! So, if you are pondering, “what in the world is this thing they speak of” like I was…here is the scoop!

The Blogger Recognition Award, to my understanding, is an award distributed to Bloggers that have been recognized for producing, in my mind, amazing work. They are valued for putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their blogs. (As I know some of us write about our experiences, that can sometimes be a hard one to put out there) Either way, they are now selected to be part of a community for sharing credibility with these things called “backlinks“. (I had no idea what they were till this morning and I want to save others the time to look it up for the full description – I was thinking it may have something to do with Chiropractors and Back issues – Totally kidding, I figured it was just another word I needed to discover with the Blogging world) Anywho, these “backlinks” are a way to connect different sites so when someone goes to read your post they will see the link that will “redirect” them to another one.

Your Next Steps

If you have been nominated, you will want to write a post thanking the person who nominated you. You will want to make sure you add the “backlink” in there as well so others can review their blog. If you’re still not sure how to do that….go back up to the top of my Blog… see the “HERE” that is a hyperlink? THAT is the “backlink” that will let others go back to Gurru Says website. After you have written your post thanking your nominator, you will now have the priviledge to nominate your own 10 to 15 Bloggers you feel are doing a great job! You see how this can spiral into an amazing oppertunity to have your website Worldwide? Plus, how nice is it to share appreciation for each other and build fantastic relationships with other Bloggers? If you know anything about me, relationships are super important to me!

The Rules

Once nominated you will want to do the following:

  1. Thank the blogger for nominating you and give them the link to their blog
  2. Write a blog post on your website that talks about you receiving the reward.
  3. Tell the story of what made you start your Blog
  4. Write 2 pieces of advice you have for new bloggers
  5. Nominate 10 to 15 other Bloggers
  6. Make sure you tell those you nominate they have been nominated. (Otherwise, how will they know you love them)!!!

Why I Started My Blog

As long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to help others. However, finding a way to make a positive impact on other peoples lives on a daily basis can be a little difficult when you have no idea how.

Over the last few years, I have read 30+ books related to self-development, goal setting, and time management. Let’s just say…I learned a LOT! The biggest thing that stepped out for me was Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. When the question of “what if” popped up, I usually turned around and ran the other way. |HERE is also a link to a Blog I wrote, “Do You Say ‘What If” Too Often?”| It didn’t matter how bad I wanted to achieve something – if it was too difficult or there was a risk to fail I was out! Last year I took the leap. After talking to a few friends about ways to impact people through writing, the term Blog came up over and over. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what that even was either. (so sad) But I was still worried. How much time do I need to invest in a Blog? How do I create my website? What topics should I cover? Do I need to schedule stuff? Plus, I have 3 children 5, 7 and 1 month old. How will I find the time? The questions continued, but like I said, I stepped out of my comfort zone and guess what…here we are….

If you are curious on the fine-tuning and more details on how I started my blog, how I came up with the topic, the website, and some of the apps I use, click HERE. (Just so happens I wrote “History Of My Blog – How Did You Create Yours?” a month ago)

2 Pieces Of Advice For New Bloggers

  1. Blog because you love it and do NOT quit. If you just want to write because it passes time, then go nuts. If you want to Blog because you want to leave your 9 to 5 job, like I do, then do it! But under no circumstance quit unless you completely lose all passion for writing. You will have rough days, rough patches, your stats may be low, no comments or likes, it does NOT matter. You are doing this for YOU and as long as THAT is your focus, the rest will come!
  2. If you are not tech savy, like myself, find someone to help you. Whether it’s how to set up your website, learning about the best apps or plugins to use, or anything – reach out to someone to mentor you, and go Self-Hosted right away! It’s way better as you have more freedom & better domain names.

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Do You Say “What If” Too Often?

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Today’s Topics & What You’ll Learn

  • How fear holds you in your Comfort Zone
  • What is your Comfort Zone and how to let it go
  • Steps you can take to achieve more in your life
  • How you can work through your “What If’s”

Mama Robbins Series

Fear is the number one thing that will hold us back from our greatest achievements. How many times have you thought about something you wanted but decided it was too risky to go for it? A perfect example you may have experienced is wanting a better job, asking for a raise or a promotion. But “What If” I apply for that new job and I don’t get it? “What If” I ask for a raise and my boss laughs in my face? “What If” I take on a larger project to get a promotion but I fail? Do any of these sound familiar? These are extremely common thoughts a lot of us have and they can sabotage our entire future. Plus, I am only referencing a few thoughts you may be having about work. Look at all the other topics you could be second-guessing yourself: parenting, your relationship, friendships, dating, travelling, almost anything!What If” from this point on we keep track of all those random “I wish I had” moments and find a way to say “I’m glad I did”! So how can we change that? Let me tell you how!

It All Lies Within Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has one. It is the feeling you get when you are doing anything. Let me explain it like this….Maybe you have been in your job for years and you know the ins and the outs of everything. When you go into work, it’s like you’re on autopilot. You are “comfortable” with your daily tasks. Now…imagine in that same job your supervisor asks you to come into his office. You sit down and he says, “You know what Kelly? We have been reviewing your work and attendance and you are one of our top employees. We have a huge project coming up next month and it’s right up your alley. We want you to head the deal. You in?” Literally, at THAT moment, you may start to feel your heart beat faster, your hands might get a little sweaty and you may feel nervous. THIS is your comfort zone limits being pushed. You always have two choices. You can either let the fear take over and you step back to where you are comfortable and say no and you resume life as you always have. Your second choice….to let your mind take over and say, “this is my time to shine” and embrace your comfort zone. This, possibly resulting in the raise you always wanted and a promotion!

I get letting go of fear is easier said than done, but it is possible with a little hard work. If you are reading this and you feel this is exactly what you needed to read, I want you to understand I know EXACTLY how you feel. To allow me to relate to you a little more, I am going to list a few things that I never thought about doing because I had a SERIOUS case of the “What If’s.

  • Obtaining my Life Insurance License – This was an online course I had to do on my own. Four different books with hundreds of pages and I needed to know the right material to pass with a minimum of 60%. “What If” I failed? I studied for two full months with EVERY spare moment I had. I passed with a 78%. This was the absolute hardest exam I’ve ever taken in my life!
  • Asking Out My Husband – Okay…obviously at the time we were just friends, but “What If” he said no? “What If” he wasn’t interested in me? I sucked it up and asked anyways and now we are married, have kids together and I could never be happier!
  • Becoming A Mom – If you are anything like I was, I questioned EVERYTHING. “What If” I’m not good at it? “What If” I don’t know what to do? If I listened to my fear on this one, I would have never had the THREE amazing bambinos I have now!
  • Becoming A Blogger! – Yes…..this was a new stepping stone for me. I have wanted to influence and help people for years but had no idea how. I also always wanted to start sharing my ideas with others as I have so many friends that reach out to me for advice as it is. So…what went through my mind? “What If” no one reads my content? “What If” I can’t relate to people? “What If” I can’t think of a topic? “What if” I can’t find the time!” (By the way, as I’m writing this my 1-month-old made it VERY difficult to get this released on time!) Yet…here we are…you are reading what was once a fear!
  • Starting A YouTube Channel – If you notice on my main page “YouTube Channel – Coming Soon”. Yep…this hasn’t occurred yet! This SCARES the daylights out of me because I’m not one for videos, nor have I ever done a video where I post it publicly for the world to see. Plus, I have NO IDEA where it will take me. The possibilities are endless. But even though I have a HUGE “What If” attached, I’m going to do it anyways.
  • Writing A Book(s) – Guess what….I haven’t started this one either. However, oddly, the one “What If” I don’t have with this one is “What If” it doesn’t sell. At the worst case, my kids will have a book written by their mom. So…with that…who cares what other “What If’s” are attached.

Moving on….

I want you to understand that just because I’m about to tell you a few tips to help you tear a hole in your comfort zone, know this…I still fear the unknown. Most likley always will. But it is what we do with our fear and use it to our advantage that will help us move towards our end result.

Now that you understand the sensation you may feel when your comfort zone limits are being exceeded and that I feel just like you, let’s see what we can do about it.

Steps To Achieve More

  • Realize We Are Our Own Worst Enemy – We put limits on so many things we want, but we have 100% control of how we feel towards a situation. Once we can acknowledge this fully, we can start to change our thinking.
  • Write Your “What If’s” Down – I can not tell you enough how important this one step is. This may seem like an odd step, but I want you to see how many things you want to do, but you have a “What If” fear that is holding you back. I want you to look at your list and think….are any of the “What If’s” on my list something I can’t get over? Is there a way for me to look past the “What If” and do it! So make sure you have a Note App on your phone so when you think of something and you catch yourself saying, “but What If”… write it down! FYI, sometimes I will be laying in bed as I’m a thinker and I’ll think of something I want to achieve and it has a “What If” attached to it. Let me tell you, this is the WORST time for me to be thinking, “OHHHH I have an idea….I need to write it down!!!” Seriously! With me half asleep and with one eye open I’ll reach up to my phone, open my Note App and write a quick blurb or even a word. I’m sure you know the pain of waking up to check your phone in the middle of darkness and it blinds you even with the dark mode on. Come morning, I will go back and either expand a little or write what is needed to remember for later.

You may be wondering…what in the world does writing down my “What If’s” have anything to do with achieving other things I want in my life. I have a fear of flying…why would I have to write that down? I know I want to ask a said friend out on a date, I don’t need to write it down. Oh!!! But you should. Why? As I mentioned, we think all day long. “What If’s” come up over and over. Remember turning the “I wish I had” into “I’m glad I did?” The next step is ensuring we don’t forget what we wanted to do in the first place. Let me ask you this… Have you ever been out at a movie, mall, park, anywhere and an idea for something you wanted to do come back to you? Example: Maybe you were watching a movie with mountains you think, “I remember a few months ago I had thought about finding a way to climb the mountain ‘insert place here’, but didn’t think I was in good enough shape. “What If” I can’t make it to the top?” It happens to the best of us. So let’s not miss out!

The best part is, writing it down isn’t scary. At least it shouldn’t be. We’re not saying you have to go after this, but you will have a better idea of the fears that are holding you back. Now that the easy part is out of the way, let’s deal with the hardest part.

  • How To Move Forward – I have been living seven hours away from my parents for over 11-years. They have only travelled to see me three times. Reason? My mom has a huge fear of driving down here. Her exact words, “What If” I get into an accident and die!? “What If” I get stuck behind traffic bumper-to-bumper and have a heart attack?” Don’t get me wrong, I can see why my mom is resistant to driving, but she hasn’t had anything horrible happen to her to cause this fear. It’s literally because she isn’t “comfortable” or “used to” driving in a larger amount of traffic. So in my mom’s case, what would she need to do to overcome the “What If”? She needs to stop thinking of the worst-case scenario! She needs to get in her car and drive. Yes, it will be nerve-wracking, but she will never get any better at driving if she doesn’t practice! Whatever it is you are trying to do…diet, ask a friend on a date, taking a course or exam, job-related advancements, flying, etc, as long as the action isn’t going to kill you, what is the worst that will happen? In most cases, you remain right where you are. (In my mom’s case, okay, “technically” she could die. But the likelihood is minimal.) – That …..may have been a bad example. But I’m sure you get my point.
Long time
  • You Need To Be Uncomfortable To Grow – Anything you do that doesn’t push your comfort boundaries will not allow you to grow as an individual. You will always remain where you are. If there is a “What If” situation that scares you, DO IT! Go after what you are afraid of! You can only be uncomfortable doing something for so long.

So What Have You Learned?

  • Understand YOU put limits on yourself and only YOU can let them go
  • Make a list of all the “What If” holding you back
  • Realize most of your “What If’s” are NOT going to kill you – So go for it!
  • You need to be uncomfortable to grow

What are your “What If’s” that could be preventing you from having a boyfriend, a job promotion or raise, a vacation in another country, having kids, or starting your own business?

If we all start taking small steps towards achieving what seems to be impossible, you will no longer have to say, “I wish I had” and you’ll finally be able to say, “I’m glad I did”.

PS. >>Can you believe I wrote “What If” 37 Times in just this one Blog? How many times are you saying it to yourself daily?

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Mama Robbins

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