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A Story Written By My 7-Year-Old Daughter For ‘My Followers’

My 7-year-old daughter came up with an idea to write her own short story. I figured that was kind of cool considering she wasn’t told to do it for school or anyone else. This decision was 100% all her own.

A few days after we finished writing the story, we were at the dinner table eating supper with the family.

Kierra:Mommy! I have a great idea. How about when we are done, you put it on your blog!?”

Me: “What makes you want to put it on my blog hun?”

Kierra: “Well, I think it would be a great idea for your fans to see work done by your daughter on your Blog!” ….

I pondered for a moment.

Me: “That sounds like a great idea… I would love to.”

Here’s the thing…my daughter wished to have these “hand-drawn” pictures associated with this story. Problem? I can’t draw….like at all. We also discussed getting the pages printed out, laminated, and bound. She wants to dedicate it to her brother, Baby Rylan, once it’s finished.

So…we created a contest for one lucky winner to win $50 to draw these pictures for us!!!

The winner was an amazing woman named Erin Baby Steps!

So….with that being said, here is a story that was written by my daughter and illustrations completed by Erin! I hope you enjoy!

Sugar & Spice

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sugar and a girl named Spice. They were best friends. One day, they got in a fight.

They were fighting over a crown. The crown had nine jewels. Two jewels were crystals, two were hearts, two were stars, two were circles, and one jewel was a bird.

Then they stopped fighting. They both realized they were fighting over something they could both share. So, they apologized to each other.

The next day, Spice went to Sugar and said, “I am getting a new crown tomorrow! It is the same as the one I have now. That way you can have one too.”

Sugar felt happy she was getting the same crown they were fighting over. Sugar knew there had to be a solution to this problem.

They were fighting over the crown because it had special powers. The crystals were able to freeze time, the hearts could make people happy, the stars could bring people back to life and start over, the circles could make plants grow faster than normal, and the bird allowed people to talk to animals.

Once Spice and Sugar got both of their crowns they started using the powers. First, Spice used the bird and she was able to talk to a fox. Sugar used the crystal to freeze time so she could go to the mall. She decided to get glitter and a new halo for herself and new horns and a pitchfork for Spice. Sugar then went back to Spice and unfroze time. “That was awesome!”, said Sugar and Spice.

They were happy because they both had a crown and they were playing together. The next day they saw a wand and started to fight over it.

The wand was magical. The wand had a crystal like the one on the crown, but this crystal could make things appear! This started the problem all over again!!!



I know…I know…this story seems a little…strange. But I don’t care because it’s the first time my daughter has had a desire to write something outside of school letting her imagination go!

I want to thank all of you who sent in your submissions. My daughter and I are more than thankful to see all your creations!!

Thank you again Erin Baby Steps for your amazing drawings!

“Thank you to all of my Mommy’s fans”
She is way too adorable.

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Why Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • Where Mother’s Day Came From – Little History Lesson
  • Why One Day To Celebrate Our Mothers Isn’t Enough
  • Ways To Show Appreciation

Mama Robbins

Let’s Start With A Little History…

It all started over 100 years ago, back in 1908, by a woman named Anna Jarvis. After her mother, Ann Reeves passed away, Anna created a special memorial service to celebrate her legacy. Thereafter, Anna was able to establish one special day per year dedicated to cherishing our own Mothers. This became the holiday we know today as Mother’s Day.

Ann Reeves (Mother – Left) – Anna Jarvis (Daughter – Right)
Picture from Gerson Institute

But here’s the thing…as society does with all the holidays, in my opinion, we have created yet another “Hallmark” day. One more day a year we intentionally spend money and remember that “special someone”. So now we have this one day per year to celebrate our Mothers. The women in our lives that have raised us, supported us, been there for us….day and night. On this one day, we show her how much she means to us with flowers, cards, chocolates, gifts, or handcrafted tokens of our appreciation. We may make her breakfast in bed, ask her out on a special date, or spend quality time with her wherever her heart desires. Today….is her day.
But let me ask you this….for the woman who is so important in our lives, the woman who brought us into the world, or the woman who has been there for you……why does she only get ONE DAY?

So What Am I Saying?

Let’s show her appreciation EVERY SINGLE DAY! (or at least Way more often)

Ways To Show Appreciation

  • Phone Call – Make it a daily or weekly check-in. I know I can personally let this slide a little too long. I may notice it’s been three days to a week since our last phone conversation. Just pick up the phone and call. Let her know you are alright, you’re still alive and see how she is doing! My mom lives over six hours away. For some, that seems close. However, even that “close” I only see her once, maybe twice a year if I’m lucky. Our moms usually love to hear from their kids!
  • Write A Letter – If your Mother was born around 1960 or earlier, take a pen and paper and mail her a physical “handwritten” letter. Nothing says “I love you” more than an actual letter. This isn’t done much at all anymore. I almost guarantee she will LOVE it! Besides, maybe we should brush up on our penmanship these days. We’re so used to typing and texting, we could refine this long lost skill! 🙂
  • Random Acts Of Kindness – One day when you go to visit, show her appreciation by doing dishes, sweeping the floor, tiding up where it’s normally messy. If your mom is anything like mine, she has her “particulars”. She isn’t much for wanting others to clean because she loves it all done the way she wants it. Well, you can ask her what one small thing you can do to help her out, an errand to run, or….you can have her read one of my previous Blogs “Letting Go Of Control To Get Chores Done & Having More You Time”. We all have to let go at some point! 🙂
  • Just Because Days – On any day of the week…a “Just Because” moment…get her something. What is she into? Cooking, gardening, carpentry, knitting, etc? Use this to your advantage! Maybe you get her a special spoon from a place you just visited. You could get her a special garden tool. Purchase different coloured wool or some knitting materials. If she isn’t into “stuff”, see if spending a day together is something she would rather prefer. Though some people may be hard to shop for, it will always be the thought that matters, not the purchase that is made.

Though some of our Mothers live extremely far away, don’t let this be an excuse to not talk to her or catch up with her. Our Mothers are by far the most important people in our lives! Your Mother carried you for nine months in her belly. If it was anything like some of my pregnancies, getting sick day and night for the entire duration! After you were born, she was there for you, changing your dirty diapers, soothing you, rocking you, reading you stories! She saw you off to grade school, high school, then maybe Univerisity or College! Maybe she was even there for your wedding! Without our Mothers, we would not exist. We would have no reason to celebrate them for even just ONE DAY.

Now…what if you don’t have a Mother anymore….maybe she passed away, left, or you just don’t get along or talk anymore? Well…that is an extremely touchy subject and I would never express I understand what you are going through. However, what I can tell you is one day…. you had a mom. Regardless if she was there for you or not. You were brought into this world by her. So for that…even if it was an accident, we should be thankful that YOU are here with us today! So celebrate YOU if you need to. Because YOU are worth it.

To me, Mother’s Day is a day to remind ourselves of who we came from. A day to remember the struggles she went through for us. But every day is a day to show her appreciation because you never know when today will be her last.

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Enjoy Them While You Can – They Won’t Be Kids Forever

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • The moments we take for granted and need to be with our children
  • Personal experiences I’m sure you’ve felt as a parent and how I will continue to “try” to embrace…because let’s face it…it’s hard

Mama Robbins Series

It was a moment of time that felt like yesterday. My youngest daughter was learning how to crawl for the very first time. The joy I felt for her as she met yet another milestone. These are the moments we wish to remember forever. But then….the inevitable happens. They grow up, move out….so we hope…and have children of their own. I remember thinking….I “wished” I had taken in more of those moments when they were smaller. Maybe how I should have passed up those extra work hours to come home and spend time with my kids. I remember all those times my kids said, “Look at me mommy”, but kept saying, “just a minute”. As time goes by in the moment it feels like forever, but when we look back we wished it was forever. Why am I writing about this? I’m telling you this because I regret not spending more time with my two daughters when they were younger. It has only been over the last year I have really re-evaluated what my time is really “worth” and who I shall give it to.

Now, as I just had my third child, I reflect back on those moments with my two girls and know this time will be different. I will embrace all those moments I struggled with to the best of my ability and all the moments I should have been more present. What moments are those?

Things I Will Embrace…

  • Those late nights the baby won’t go to sleep. The ones where it’s their usual bedtime and they won’t go to sleep. You shhhh them, rock them, feed them, change them, walk with them, re-feed them, re-shh them and NOTHING WORKS. It’s 2am and they still won’t go to bed and you have to work at 6am the next day. Heaven forbid you put them down… they freak out and you need to pick them up again. Those nights you want to break down and cry because it’s so hard and your exhausted. As for my daughters, they keep getting out of bed and ask for one more glass of water, they still need to pee, or they just want you to sit with them in the room. Now…you can think back to the moments you once struggled and remember…this is temporary. Plus, once you do get them to sleep, you get moments like these (this picture is priceless). There will come a day where they won’t need me to help them sleep and that will be the day I will wish I could turn back time.
  • The days they just won’t stop crying. You’ve tried everything and they just keep crying. They scream as loud as their little bodies can handle for hours…and hours…and hours. You try everything Google says you should. Everything all other parents suggest and they just won’t stop. You look it up online and they call it “Witching Hour”. Who the heck came up with “Witching HOUR“??? It’s more like “Witching DAYS” as it seems to be non stop for what feels like weeks on end! Your heart hurts for them as there is nothing you can do to make them calm down. You get so frustrated that they won’t stop and you feel like you just need a break. But then I think back to the moments I once struggled and remember…this is temporary. There will come a day where the crying won’t be full-time. They may only come to me in need of a broken heart or a rough patch in their lives, but these to will become limited. It will be that moment I wish I could turn back time.
You just have to accept the crying and sooth the best you can. Try not to let it get to you.
  • The days my kids want me to be with them. There were so many times my girls wanted me to go to the park on a nice day, but I was “too tired”. They wanted me to draw, but I “wasn’t in the mood”. They wanted to help me with chores, but I wanted it “done quicker”. They wanted me to watch a show with them, but “I had cleaning to do”. The nights they wanted me to read them stories or tickle their back, but I had “the next day to get ready for”. I think back to the moments I once missed when they were younger and remember…this too is temporary. There will be a day they no longer as me to spend as much time with them. It will be that moment I wish I could turn back time.
  • The “special days” I may miss from work. Most parents eventually have school-aged children that have recitals, Christmas concerts, field trips and other activities that are conveniently placed during a normal workday. The days I said, “Sorry hunny, mommy has to work” came all too natural when they would ask for me to go. But then I remember all the memories I’ve already lost and I remember…this too is temporary. Jobs come and go…my memories of my children will last a lifetime. So now, I do everything possible to ensure I don’t miss these special moments because there will come a time they no longer have these “special days” and that will be a moment I wish I could turn back time.
She had a field trip this day. We went to restaurant for lunch after!

Crazy thing….these are only a few things I feel we take for granted in the moments of raising our children. My kids are still very young, which means I have YEARS to ensure I take advantage of every moment I can with them. Of course, there are still going to be days I need to say no, days I will just wish the crying will end, the tantrums will stop, the time I just want to be alone; but in the end my kids will never remember the clean house I had, the laundry that was done, or the work I accomplished. The only thing they will remember is the QUALITY TIME I spent with them. Just remember… this is ALL TEMPORARY. There will come a day where they don’t need you as much, your home will be empty, and you will think back and remember you wish you could turn back time. So enjoy them while you can, because they won’t be kids forever.

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