Vlogs – YouTube Channel

Welcome to my Vlog Link (aka YouTube Channel)

I’d love for you to get to know me and my family better! That is why I created this VLOG page. I find WordPress has limited access if I post my Vlogs directly on here, so I included the link for you to be redirected instead.

However, Vlogs are time-consuming and can take HOURS to produce. Between making the video, editing, etc, it can take up to 8 hours to produce a 15-minute clip! So, though I only have a few, it’s a start for you to meet me and my amazing family!

Click HERE to be directed to my channel so you can check out my videos!

I also do a lot of LIVES on my Facebook Page Here if you’d like to see more of me! These Live videos only take a few minutes and NO editing involved so you will get the real deal…messups and all.

Pictures are worth 1000 words for a reason…so I’ve included some of my favs for you to see!

Hope you enjoy the Vlogs!


Mama Robbins