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Top 10 New Born Products That Will Make Your Life Easier!

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  • The Top 10 Baby products that I have personally used for years with all my children that will make your life SO much easier
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Mama Robbins

There are thousands of “must have” baby products and reviews on the market. How can you possibly decide what you “actually” need? Well, having been through the baby stage twice and currently with a newborn now, I have come up with “MY” Top 10 List of Must Haves and WHY I chose them.

1. Sleepers with Zippers – CA Link
Sleepers with Zippers – US Link
Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Infant 2-Pack Fleece Footed Sleep and Play
$20.99 CA
$15.99 US

SLEEPERS WITH ZIPPERS – We’ve all had those long nights where the baby is up and down for hours. Once you finally get baby to sleep, you rest yourself. After a few hours of slumberist (my own word) sleep, the baby wakes up and you are exhausted. Have you ever used a sleeper at night with buttons before? I have. Most of the time they never match up and I end up having to re-do the buttons with one eye open. If I can even manage that. Sleepers with zippers are a fantastic way to ensure your middle of the night diaper changes goes as quickly as possible.

2. Hooded Towels – CA Link
Hooded Towels – US Link
Baby Hooded Towel & 5 Washcloths Set, Super Cozy Animal Embroidery Pattern Infants Bath Towel, 5+1 Gift Pack
$12.99 CA
$8.97 US

HOODED TOWELS – If you’ve ever taken a baby out of a bath and used a normal towel, you either have to maneuver the towel or baby ends up shivering with exposed body parts. The hooded towels are an amazing purchase and an extra way to ensure baby stays even warmer by covering up their head. Plus, the above item even comes with extra washcloths. These make it a perfect buy as you get more bang for your buck!

3. Diaper Covers – CA Link
Diaper Covers – US Link
Bumkins Cloth Diaper Cover, Blue Owl, One Size
$13.99 CA
$8.99 US

DIAPER COVERS – Have you ever heard of a Rooster Tail? If you haven’t, this is the wonderful world of poop that shoots all the way up their back! Wouldn’t it be nice to keep that poop contained and their clothes clean? These diaper covers are one size, fits all, adjustable cover that will protect those wonderful clothes and keep the mess to a minimum. Okay, it won’t ALWAYS be perfect, but they do the best job I’ve ever seen. I use these on top of normal disposable diapers and it’s an extra layer of protection. Their machine washable and hang to dry.

4. Diaper Bag for Wet Clothes or Diapers – CA Link
Diaper Bag for Wet Clothes or Diapers – US Link
ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Wet/Dry Bags Waterproof Reusable Washable with Two Zippered Pockets Travel,Beach,Pool,Daycare,Soiled Baby Items,Yoga,Gym Bag for Swimsuits or Wet Clothes 2 Pack L5166-CA
$16.99 CA
$9.99 US

DIAPER OR CLOTHING BAG – I’m fairly confident if you already have children you know babies dirty majority of any fabric they come in contact with. Especially their clothes and burp cloths! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag that has a double compartment for just that? These bags can come in three different sizes. I use the larger compartment for when they spit-up on their outfits and the burp cloths. The front, smaller compartment I use when I’m at a friends house, or somewhere I should not be throwing out the dirty diapers and bring them home with me. The inside has a waterproof liner that is super easy to clean and works wonders for taking care of this. If you have older children, you can use it for when they have accidents at school or even when you go swimming for your suits after they are wet.

5. Noise Machine – CA Link
Noise Machine – US Link
Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Crib Soother and Baby Night Light, Owl
$54.95 CA
$33.64 US

NOISE MACHINE – This is one of my personal favorites! This owl is great for white noise at different volumes. The chest is a night light with adjustable brightness. The top has a projector that displays stars on the ceiling (which is also adjustable). It plays a few different music lullabies. It can be battery or plugin operated, and it will remember the last settings if you turn it off. I love noise makers because not only do they help drown out some of the surrounding noise that may wake the baby, it will help mom and dad sleep if the baby is in the room. (You may have to get used to the white noise if you are not used to it. Though, if you are a heavy sleeper, this may not matter anyways.) When you are a light sleeper like myself, I find it really makes a difference. Especially when the baby likes to make noises or is even sick. Every squeak and sniffle would wake me.

6. Nursing Bra – CA Link
Nursing Bra – US Link
Suekaphin 5PACK Nursing Bra Wireless Bra Women’s Sleeping Maternity Bra Breastfeeding Bra
$43.99 CA (only 4pk)
$29.99 US

NURSING BRAS – This one is new for me with third baby. Prior to, I would use normal bras and just pull them down when feeding was required. After a few months, the shape of my bras would change and you could start seeing the bulges in my shirts. NOT ATTRACTIVE. Plus, sometimes we already feel self-conscious due to leftover “baby fat”…. we don’t need to make matters worse. Add these to your MUST HAVE items and it makes breastfeeding so much easier.

7. Lansinoh Nipple Cream – CA Link
Lansinoh Nipple Cream – US Link
Lansinoh HPA Lanolin 40g
$9.87 CA
$8.25 US

NIPPLE CREAM – I feel a lot of people think they only need to use Nipple Cream once their nipples get sore or cracked. Consider this like your facial routine (for those who have time for that stuff). We want to take care of our nipples BEFORE the problem occurs. Proper moisture helps prevent cracking. This is, unfortunately, something I did NOT do with my first two kids. I have been using this product with baby three and it has made breastfeeding so much better. Once you have cracked or split nipples, it’s extremely hard to keep the desire to keep breastfeeding.

8. Maternity Nursing Shirts – CA Link
Maternity Nursing Shirts – US Link
BINMUO Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top Sleeveless Comfy Breastfeeding Clothes
$18.92 CA
$3.99 US

BREASTFEEDING SHIRTS – Surprisingly I also did not take advantage of these my first two kids. I just wore any shirt that was low neck and come feeding time I pulled them down. Figures, same as my bras they would get all disfigured and stretched. Having a nursing shirt with a nursing bra makes a HUGE difference. You just unsnap come feeding time or open in the desired area and poof! Your shirt stays intact and no need to buy replacements. I personally have 4 nursing “undershirt tank tops”. I wear them under my normal clothes. If you have a nursing shirt that keeps you covered above and below the breast, all the better so you are less exposed. Not that I personally care. I feel if you don’t want to see, turn away! But for the sake of others, I am respectful and try to cover as much as I can.

9. Nursing Pads – CA Link
Nursing Pads – US Link
Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, 100-Count
$12.97 CA
$11.69 US

NURSING PADS – I’ve tried a variety of different kinds. I even used the full fabric washable ones to save money. However, if you have a heavy let-down like I do where you feel your breast is going to explode, it seeps right through it and still wets my shirt anyways. These Lansinoh ones have a waterproof backing that allows you to leak and not affect your clothing. I usually wear mine for two days and change them. You will know if you overwear them as they start to get “hard lumpy” spots in the pad. (I had forgotten to change them after three days…sleep deprivation 101 for ya)

10. Snap-N-Go Stroller – CA Link
Snap-N-Go Stoller – US Link
Baby Trend SG40100 Snap-N-Go FX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier, Black, One Size
$79.97 CA
$44.10 US

SNAP-N-GO STROLLER – You can have any stroller you want. However, these Snap-n-Go strollers are super lightweight, compact, fit in almost any trunk/car and will hold ANY car seat. This is great for going to those malls where you can’t bring the carts to each store with you. They are surprisingly sturdy and do a fantastic job.

I am currently using all the above-mentioned products and feel no one should live without them. As a third time mom, I can tell you I have tried a LOT of things and these are my Top 10 Recommended products because they make your life easier. And easy is one of the most important things as a parent to keep our sanity!

I hope you enjoyed reading “the why” behind my choices and can see for yourself why no one should want to live without them.

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Mama Robbins

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