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Man’s Worst Enemy
Twitter: Mischievous Words By Marta
Website: Mischievious Words By Marta
In moments of dissatisfaction with our own life and destiny, we often seek to blame someone or something for our current state of affairs. ” Said by Marta.
Marta goes into details and explains how our ego gets in the way of us becoming more than what we are. Marta does an incredible job articulating this fact. This is a phenomenal read for everyone and a great way to start looking at who we blame for things that are a result of our own actions.
Fantastic Job Marta! Keep up the amazing writings.


Comfort Zone – Why And How To Step Out Of It
Twitter: Veronica DSouza
Website: Motivation & Inspiration
Veronica goes deep and writes her personal experiences with her Comfort Zone and how changes happened in her life that made her step out. Why we have a comfort zone and how to step out are huge to one’s success in life. Let go and find a way to “step out”.
Great quick read darlin’.


How To Organize A Playroom
Twitter: A Red Hair Girl
Website: A Red Hair Girl
Any parent on this planet should be reading this post. Especially if you love your house to be organized!
Sometimes when life gets too busy, we push things off for too long and then have a mountain of cleaning to get done. Maybe cleaning isn’t your thing and you may have no idea where to start. Stephanie does an incredible job walking you through step-by-step how to get the job done and done right! She even has a little video at the end just for you!
Such a quick and simple process to get your house back on track from the mass of Toy Takeover! Way to go Stephanie. Loved this article!


Facebook Spam?
Twitter: Sambel
Website: Moving Forward
We all have our starting points when we first begin our adventures as Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, you name it. There comes this wonderful learning curve.
Back in March, Sambel writes about her experience of posting her weekly writing and all of a sudden it was like she was flagged. She normally posts to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest as per usual and then the was put into “Facebook Jail”! She couldn’t seem to figure out why this happen, so in the meantime, she had to stick to Twitter and Pinterest. Now this post was listed months ago and I’m not sure if her Instagram account is up and running to the expectations she was looking for, but she mentioned she was looking for some help. So this Blog Review is for Sambel to get some additional resources to her to help streamline the process for her amazing Blog and Following. Plus, she is such a talented writer, she even has her own Books! Click HERE to be directed to her Book Page and check them out!
We all have struggles and learning curves. Let’s show our support, list some resources you have used and get her books!
You are a creative writer Sambel. Great works of art!


Never Will I Be A Success
Twitter: S. L. Brown
Website: Sean’s Thoughts
First I want to express that Sean is a man I have been following on Twitter and Instagram for a while now. He is a man who will reach out and include you in what he is doing. He is such a phenomenal guy and I encourage you ALL to follow him!
In this blog post, he does such an amazing job expressing how he views success and how we all can see success. He describes how it is all subjective to each and every one of us. How once we reach our destination we want to keep climbing! This couldn’t be truer for those of us who are always reaching to strive for more.
Sean has an ability to build in humour to his posts and it just adds that extra special touch that makes you want to keep reading.
He describes success like holding sand in your can feel it…you can hold it…but it continues to pour out slowly.
If you are looking for a different view on success and to see it from a light you never thought of before, I highly encourage this read!
Like everything he does….this was amazing!
Great Job Sean


Stop Worrying About Everyone Else’s Opinion – Be Authentic
Twitter: All For Myself
Website: All For Myself
Jessica takes New Year’s Resolutions to a whole new level. Instead of trying to set yet another goal you may not meet, just be yourself and be authentic!
In twelve steps, she walks you through how to stop caring what other people think, how you can focus more on being you, and even gives great examples of building your own self-esteem and self-worth! She explains the importance of living in the NOW and really allowing yourself to take advantage of this amazing life you were given.
This is for sure a top read for everyone, especially those who focus too much on what other people are doing and thinking!
Loved this Jessica!


Why You Have Low Self Esteem
Twitter: Abbey
Website: Abbey’s Chronicles
Almost all of us struggle with low self-esteem at some point in our lives. If you don’t, it’s rare. But what if you could read something that describes what you may be going through right now and also the steps you should be taking to free your mind of the burden? At the very least, to hear some encouraging words? Abbey does such a fantastic job expressing words of hope and bright change for the future. It is absolutely worth the read.
Laundry Today Or Naked Tomorrow
Twitter: Creative Chaos
Website: Creative Chaos Coordinator
Adrianne writes about a struggle we all face. Unless….you never do laundry that is….
She explains how we have two options for doing our laundry. Continually putting off the deed or coming up with a system! She provides us with HER specific system that works in her home and even gives a perfect example of what that looks like.
Wouldn’t you love to continually be on top of all those clothes that keep piling up? I know I do! So go check out her post on what you can do to accomplish just that!
Thanks for this post Adrianne!
Why I Always Take A Journal On Holiday
Twitter: Mel * Your Travel Handbook
Website: Your Travel Handbook
In eight simple reasons, Mel explains why having an old fashion pen and paper can be the best thing in your backpack when you travel. Though you would think the reasons are common sense, technology can make all the difference in the world.
Mel does such an amazing job explaining why she brings her Journal…maybe you should see if you agree with her too!!
Well done Mel – Such a fun read. 🙂
Dear Twins
Twitter: The Dad of Design
Website: The Dad of Design
One of his favourites, but not one of his lasts. A poem written for his twins.
I’ve read quite a few poems in my lifetime that left me asking, “What was the message this was trying to get across?” Dad of Design portrays the exact message he is looking for…making us readers FEEL the warmth in his words and an understanding of how much he loves becoming a Step-Father. One of the most heart-touching reads this month by far!
I follow The Dad of Design daily and I do for a reason!
Great work!


“Perfect Parent”
Twitter: Geneva
Website: Geneva’s Evolution
I’m sure we all wish we could be the perfect parent. But at what cost to our mental health? Geneva does a phenomenal job explaining the only things that “really” matter when it comes to raising our children. She does such a great job really conveying the message and how important it is to be present in our kids’ lives and taking the time to give them the attention they need to grow!
Such a fantastic short read with words that hold a great deal of power! Loved this.
Being A Stay At Home Wife
Twitter: The Prepping Wife
Website: The Prepping Wife
First off…I’m jealous! Being a Stay-At-Home-Wife may be “foe paw” to some, but I am definitely in support of this role! Erica is a SAHW and was once worried about the reactions she would get when people asked her if she worked. Before, her answer was No. Then, she met an amazing couple and it turns out they had more in common than she thought! Now, she has come to terms with this amazing opportunity she has been given, to stay at home, spice up her home, cook amazing meals for her husband, indulge in her hobbies and more. What did Erica and this couple have in common? You need to go check it out to find out, but it’s wonderful!
This blog made me feel so happy and joyful for Erica. For her to have this fantastic opportunity to stay home and be there for her husband. It really made me understand how “The Prepping Wife” has so much power behind this title.
Great job girl!


This Is Life: Your Purpose Your Gift
Twitter: Charli Dee
Website: Charli Dee’s Blog
I recently started following Charli on Twitter a short time ago and she gave me this amazing opportunity to review her Blog. I am so thankful I did.
Charli describes an episode she watched called “America’s Busiest Coroners”. She goes through and explains how the coroners point out everyone who dies ends up in this one room. (The morgue). Doesn’t matter who you are, how rich or poor.

“It doesn’t matter what happens after you die.”, was my father’s response. “What matters is what you do during your life while you’re alive”. 

This was a very heartfelt Blog for me today. It really takes you back to look at where you are and where you want to be in life. Blogs like this are life changers in my opinion and Charli nailed it. Absolutely fantastic!
Book Reviews
Twitter: Sarah Anne Carter
Website: Sarah Anne Carter
Sarah did an amazing job with the layout of her Blog for Book Reviews. It reminds me of the synopse of the back of a book. The title is posted clearly and when you hover over the book a snip-it review appears. I quickly chose a book review on one I had read last year to compare. How To Win Friends and Influence People. This review is excellent. It is right on the nose with the details described without giving away too much. I also learned there is the “digital age”, the second version of this book that I was unaware existed.
Sarah is fantastic at writing the reviews & by a few other glances I can assure you the other reviews look just as top notch as the rest.
If you are looking for a great book review, this is a great place to look.
How To Make A Cheese Stuffed Courgette Bread Rolls
Twitter: Segilola Salami
Website: Segilola Salami
First, I need to mention I despise cooking, so a huge shout out to Segilola for not only making this dish but posting how she accomplished it!
Right away I love to see Segilola is willing to take a risk by baking something she had not attempted before. Reading how this recipe was done, she compares the differences in techniques that are usually recommended vs what she did and even describes the end results. I find normal recipes don’t usually tell you the outcome of trial and error, so I found this was a great touch to the post.
One of my favourite parts of this Blog is while she is describing the steps, her daughter had run into the room while she was making the bread and she made the decision to skip a step to speed up the process. (This is 100% something I would do) Another great touch I personally have never seen before is she posted her Amazon Affiliate Links to the ingredients she used right on the page! When it comes to cooking and kids, easy access like this is highly desired.
Though this is not something I would personally bake, because again I’m not into baking, I would not be opposed to trying this dish is someone else made it for me~ Great Job Segilola ~ Fantastic Read!!!
Action Spite Of Negative Emotion
Twitter: Vanessa
Website: The Wellbeing Blogger
Sadness is a red flag she notes. She does such an amazing job explaining how important our emotions are. We need to recognize the negative emotions we experience and use her simple steps to acknowledge and reroute our thoughts. She provides easy steps we can implement in our life to generate positive thoughts. I love blogs like hers that have such an impact in such a few paragraphs. 100% worth your time to read. Could make a huge impact in your life too!

5 Reasons To Start Minimalism
Twitter: Lusine
Website: My Blog, Coffee And Camera!
Absolutely stunning layout to her blog posts! I chose this particular blog because I as well have been curious about becoming a minimalist and not sure if it’s really for me or where I would start. She desired the minimalism lifestyle and it started from wanting to declutter her life. I love how her post explains the difference between decluttering and minimalism as there is a big difference. Her words are extremely powerful and she describes what values we can bring back into our lives by having less! My favourite point she makes is how we spend less money when we embrace life as a minimalist and that means more money for travel and other things that are more important. Such a fantastic read, short and simple!


January & February

My Hopes, Goals & Plans For 2019
Twitter: Kelly~Diane Report
One of my favourite Blogs are those that set out their goals for the year. Kelly has a goal to stop spending so much money, but the girl has a passion for shoes!!! I also love shoes and know this will be a challenge. Good for you girl! Her other goals are amazing related to self care, which is something we don’t usually put as a goal. These are great references. I love how she wants this post to reflect back on so she can see what she has accomplished. I would LOVE to see a 2020 Results Blog! Keep us posted Kelly!
As Free As Air > Tan Libre Como El Aire
Twitter: Jo Anne’s Thoughts
Jo Anne writes of the blissful feeling and leaving everything behind. Her experience of travel by flight is as though it could cure any issues you are having – it took me to what felt like a novel scene where for a few hours, nothing else matters. Complete contentment – No worries and completely relaxed. I personally envy Jo Anne’s ability to feel so free. I have only travelled once by flight and I felt anxious and didn’t enjoy it one bit. Hopefully, we can all accomplish the “zen” Jo Anne is able to capture every time she travels. Amazing read!
I’m Obsessed With My Doctor, But Only Because She Saved My Uterus
Twitter: Maranda
A young SAHM who talks about her experience with her previous doctor. “I will swoop in like Batman to save the day” she quotes for anyone that is thinking something just isn’t right or is having issues with her current physician. Her devotion to help others is amazing and her blog makes it feel like we are her childrent. She wants to protect anyone from ever going through the same experience as she did. It’s short and a simple read, but honestly, I wanted to read more!
Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits For Your Baby
Twitter: Marissa|Just Simply Mom
First, I have to give this amazing women recognition for the overall layout and content of her full Website! Stunning! Her content ranges all the way from Pregnancy, Baby Stages, Family, Travel, etc. Her goal is to motivate and encourage other mothers and as a mother myself, I assure you this website is MOTIVATING~
In this particular Blog, she goes through a variety of steps you can take to ensure great sleeping habits from not letting them fall asleep eating, putting them down dozy and not asleep, putting them in a crib as often as you can, understanding their cues, positive vs negative sleep associations to help you accomplish a successful routine, and more. She even took the time to link the positive associations that she highly recommends that contain links directly for purchase! Click & Purchase! Anyway to make parenting easier is a win-win in my book! My favourite part of her Blog is she also goes into details on HOW TO implement these techniques with examples. As I was due for Baby #3 Feb 10, 2019, I am also eager to continue following her blog as it relates so much to mothers/parents for help with so many questions we always seem to have. One-Stop-Shop in my opinion for great information on your daily struggles to be answered! Loved your material Marissa!
She Is A Few Steps Ahead Of Me. But, That’s Okay
Twitter: Karlie|Just Sleep On It
I can really relate to this blog as Karlie mentions she once went though a miscarriage. She wonders if she could of handled two children under 2 years old. When my first born was only 5 months old, I found out I was also pregnant and had a miscarriage at three months; including 2 other miscarriages. I understand the heart break one goes though after such a loss and even a feeling of, |”Did I do something wrong?” But despite this loss, she pushed and keep moving forward.
Karlie also mentions how in today’s time a lot of us feel pressured to “live up to the standards” of other women. We compare ourselves with what they have and this has put us in a position where we post about our experiences. I agree that a lot of us post to social media not only for validation, but there is a euphoric nature that comes alone with seeing likes, comments, and positive feedback. One thing that really hit home for me was also how she mentions we get pressure from friends and family members. It can be questions like when you are getting married, having a child, or more kids, etc. As humans we are under an enormous amount of pressure. But regardless, we keep going, as does she, and we understand the path designed for us and keep moving forward! Fantastic Read!
My Weight Loss Journey: Week 26
Twitter: The Prepping Wife
This is an incredibly detailed week of her journey listing out each days target exercise. I loved one of her goals was water consumption. I can relate 100% and this is my personal biggest struggle. She does an amazing job staying on schedule and really makes sure she plans ahead to get her steps in daily. We all know sometimes that can be a struggle. I feel she is a super woman! Not only has she taking on the challenge to changer her health and well-being, she crochets, cooks her own meals (man do they ever sound delish!), does yoga, loves to clean, she reads and completes reviews, and she decorated her office to make it a special personal space. My favourite point I read during her Blog was her desire to focus on Self Care. So many of us forget to do this. Just because she is on this amazing journey to get fit and eat health, that is not enough to suffice as self care. She even recognized she needs some “non-tech” time to focus more on her. She even got her nails done! Good for you darlin! I hope others can look to you and see how far you have come in your 26 weeks. Don’t give up and keep pushing. You will not regret it! 🙂
2019 Blogging Goals
Twitter: Lauren Mai
As a new Blogger myself, I knew I wanted to Blog, but didn’t really know where I wanted to take it or how I would get there. Lauren does an amazing job setting up 5 simple and attainable goals for this year. Indicating the amount of times she would like to post, how many likes she wants to achieve, and even going outside the box to collaborate with another Blogger. I loved reading this particular Blog as it’s right to the point, great layout, and it’s something all new Bloggers can do for themselves to ensure they meet goals.
To see more of Lauren Mai’s Blogs, feel free to visit her full website HERE.

7 Affordable Ways To Say I Love You
LanaPummillJust A Mom….Finding Inspiration In The Chaos
Especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I felt this was a great Blog to share. Whether you just don’t have the time, don’t have the money, or you just want that day to have a more sentimental touch, this Blog is for you! Lana goes into 7 Simple ideas on how to make your loved one feel special. In my opinion, by going back old school. Simple things like sending love notes, making mixed taps, allowing a day off for your partner or friend. These 7 great ideas are perfect and allow you to stay on Budget! Who wouldn’t want to do that?
To see more of LanaPummill’s Blogs, feel free to visit her full website HERE

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