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This is where you can discover who you are at your core and achieve all the great things you want in life!

Have you ever had a moment where you ask yourself one of the following:

  1. Is this all life has to offer?
  2. Am I going anywhere?
  3. Why am I so unhappy?
  4. Why can’t I have what they have?
  5. How can they afford that?
  6. Why do I dislike my job so much?
  7. Why are so many of my friends so negative, or why are they so happy when I’m not?
  8. What purpose do I have?
  9. Why do I struggle so much with other people?
  10. Will I ever achieve what I want in life?

How Setting Goals & Self Improving Can Change Your Life

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, I have great news! We can turn those negatives into positives! Self-Improvement and Goal Setting is literally the key. Up front and honest, this is not an over-night fix. This takes years of continually building youself and continually setting goals. I have personally only been building myself since late 2015 and I’ve only read approx. 25 books on just this. So I have decades of growth to accomplish. But I know where I am going.

If you are still reading at this point and I haven’t scared you off, then these posts will be highly beneficial for you. Not only does self-improvement help you, but it will actually start affecting the people around you when you change.

Breaking Old Habits

Now, there is one catch. As much as we want more than what we have, it WILL come with some sacrifices. The biggest one is changing and/or breaking old habits. We all know some habits we have will be difficult to change. Especially if we are in denial there is anything wrong with it. Second, you will lose people in the process. What I mean by this is not a bad thing. The whole misery loves company is 100% true. Some of your “thought to be friends” will doubt you, question you, and attempt to convince you what your trying to accomplish is a waste of time. If you become better and move on, they won’t have you anymore. Why would they want you to achieve anything! But sometimes we need to let go of the old to allow room for the new. If they are true friends, they will never pull you down.

Let Go Of The Old And Start With The New

In my years of self-improvement, I have made extremely hard decisions to let go of those who bring no benefit to my life. If they constantly talk bad about people, always complaining about everything, nothing ever worked out, no positive moments, no goals, no thought to even attempt to improve their lives, I would, and still do let you be on your way. Please understand I mean no hardship to these people. I love them dearly. Most times I do what I can to help them build themselves up. However, there comes a point the only way I can help you is if you’re open to it. Even just a little.

Great news? You will build a life of positive thinking, like-minded people heading in the same direction as you are. That is why I created Self- Improvement and Goal Setting.

I will provide you with information on how to start, where to look, what to do, and more. Yes….even while raising kids, being a parent, having outside priorities and working without being overwhelmed!

It can be a challenge, but a challenge is a great way to become the person you always wanted to be!

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Mama Robbins

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