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You’ve had a long day at work. On your drive to get the kids/go home are your few free moments of “you time”. However, in the back of your mind you can’t wait for the kids to go to bed because you have so much to do. Supper to prepare, lunches to make, laundry to do and more. What about time for me you may think. I miss reading, painting, sports, working out, or whatever your spare time included for you.

By the time the kiddos are in bed you just want to relax, do nothing. Check up on Fabebook, Twitter, work emails, etc. But tomorrow is only Tuesday, oh boy. So you get home, get supper done, clean up the table and you get that phone notification. BLING. You decide to take a moment to finally check your phone. Your kid(s) come up and ask you to go watch what they are doing, or go help them do something. You tell them quietly to wait but they’re so excited they just keep pushing to get that moment of approval or attention. You start to feel frustrated thinking, “can I not get just 2 minutes to myself?” Or worse yet you actually say it. Your child has a look of sadness or they just keep playing. But what are they feeling inside?

I give this example because so many of us feel we have so little time we use most of our spare moments checking what’s going on with social media or doing something that does not need to be done at that moment. If this isn’t you, great job for not falling victim to technology. For those of us who haven’t been so lucky and feel the need to check our notifications more frequently than we need to, or even just do those household tasks that weren’t “really” important, I’m here to tell you I was that mom.

Long day at work, I had just finished making supper and I heard the BLING. I just wanted a moment to let my mind stop thinking of everything I needed to do. The kids came to ask me what felt like a million questions at once and I would just get so…. frustrated.

Why Is This Important?

That BLING on my phone, was someone on my FB posting a picture of a puppy that looked cute. That was it. I got frustrated with MY kids because of that? All my kids wanted was for me to watch them build a fort with boxes and help them with a top box that was just too high for them to reach. I could see their disappointment. That was back in 2016.

I want to help parents limit technology and/or set boundaries with themselves to help prevent these precious moments from being taken away.

Stick around and I will help guide you with personal experiences and information on ways to improve your relationships with your kids, still do your “To Do’s” and more while not burning out!

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Looking forward to sharing these moments with you.


Mama Robbins

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