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Have you ever gone out with friends or family and you’re in the middle of a conversation and they check their phone? What about having dinner, if that’s even still a thing for some people, and someone brings their phone to the table? How about spending time with your family and you receive that notification and the urge is too much not to check to see if it’s important? Are you guilty of any of these? I’ll admit, I’m far from perfect and even I struggle not being “that person”. But I’m here to tell you it’s ok. We all have faults, but we can always try harder the next time! Limiting technology when your spending quality time with your family is a great start to reconnection to a bond that may not be as strong or could improve. I’m definitely not saying don’t use your phone while with your family. Gosh, this day and age, we just need to set boundaries. It is that simple. Will this change be hard? Absolutely when you’re used to old habits. But again, that is why I’m here to help.

One of the key relationships we want to work on is with our partners/spouses and our children.

So keep following for my next post on steps you can take to get that Relationship back so you can feel secure with one of the most important people in your life.

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2 thoughts on “Relationships”

  1. I remember when there was dial up intervente and you couldn’t go online without a long wait and blocking the phone line. Now we have tablets and apps for every social media site. I find myself surfing the web and checking social media all the time, especially now that I started a blog. I’m working really hard on my blog and building a following, and I often feel like whenever I’m not working on my blog or making connections for my blog I’m wasting time. This was a nice reminder to treasure those around me.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Charli. I agree. Since starting a Blog, I feel all my “free time” is around social media for sure. It takes hours to write, proofread, schedule, post, promote, and connect with others on all the different platforms. My time around my Blog is mostly after kids are in bed, but I too feel anytime not thinking, walking or breathing my Blog I’m missing out. Thanks to Tweet Deck, Audience, Tailwind, and my FB Page, they all have schedule options so I can be with my family, but still promote during the traffic times. I’m glad my post could remind you of those moments and the people around you. They are the ones we write for other than ourselves! Loved your detailed response.
      Mama Robbins

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