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Discover How To Be Successful: Top 10 Self-Improvement Books You Should Be Reading

Today’s Topic & What You’ll Learn

  • My Top 10 Self Improvement Books I have read
  • How each one changed my life
  • These are in no particular order

Mama Robbins

Personality Plus

Personality Plus discusses FOUR different personality types. It teaches you how to talk to people and why they behave the way they do. I’m sure you have someone in your life that just seems to do rude things for no reason and they don’t even know they are doing it. Likely, they “actually” don’t know. They don’t do things to be mean, they just don’t have the knowledge to acknowledge their behaviour to change. Maybe you have someone in your life that is just utterly lazy and never wants to leave the couch or someone who can’t keep quiet…I mean ever! This book will help you understand why they are this way.

How It Changed My Life…

This book has allowed me to discover my own personalities. For example, my personality is a Choleric/Melancholie – I am strong willed and love details. (Except when I write. Writing has never been my strong point) Oddly enough, my husband has the SAME personalities as I do. Had I not read this book, we would have never worked! Honestly, in the beginning, it was a little rough. We fought quite often over the dumbest thing and he got on my nerves way too often. Now, the difference is like night and day! So…this book is a high priority. Especially when it comes to ALL relationships. Plus, there is a quiz that will allow you to determine what Personality you are.

The 5 Love Languages

An absolute must! Why? Imaging doing something for your partner that YOU think will make them happy. The only problem is they don’t seem as happy about it as you expected them too. Reason? Usually, it’s because you are not targeting “their” Love Language. This book goes over the FIVE different Languages and even has a quiz in the back for both you and your partner. Once you discover what you are, you can then ensure you are proving your partner with the Love Language that will ACTUALLY make them happy.

How It Changed My Life…

How did it change my life? Well….now when I want to show my husband I love him, not that he doesn’t already know, but I will ensure we go out for a walk and I turn off all devices. 100% “QUALITY TIME” – His #1 Love Language. Or, maybe I decide to tell him how great of a job he is doing helping out with the kids. “WORDS OF AFFIRMATION”. As for him, I am “ACTS OF SERVICE” and “PHYSICAL TOUCH”. He knows he should be helping me with chores around the house or cuddling with me on the couch, or extra hugs. This made our relationships a TON better and it’s crazzy to realize it all came from this book!

The Magic Of Thinking Big

The title of this book kind of says it all. It walks you through how we can limit our thoughts and question what we can really achieve. It discusses some of the different excuses we may use to get out of things we are even afraid to do and don’t realize we are doing it. This book will give you steps to think BIGGER so you can start getting more out of life!

How It Changed My Life…

The Magic of Thinking Big really made a huge impact on my life as it allowed me to see the dumb excuses I would always make for not going after what I wanted. My goals would seem “Too Big” to accomplish, so why bother attempting in case I failed. Now, I don’t care about the “realisticness” of the goal. I will make a plan to try to go after it anyway. Even if I do fail, I tried and I will always learn something from the process.

How To Have Confidence & Power In Dealing With People

This is a fantastic read for anyone, even more so for those who are used to being quieter and laid back will benefit even more! This book helps you build confidence in yourself and learn traits you already possess to use to your advantage. Are you afraid to be around people? This book is for you!

How It Changed My Life…

My biggest fault…I LOVE to talk. I could talk all day on anything. However, most people don’t want to actually listen to you, they want to talk about themselves. I learned how to step back, breath, and take in all of what someone else is telling me. I learned to ask more engaging questions and really hear someone instead of thinking of my response WHILE they were talking. This is a huge control factor for me and it is still hard to this very day. But it is what is most beneficial for others.

Attitude Is Everything

Attitude is the ONE thing we have 100% control over. Whether you are having a rough day right from getting out of bed, (these days seem to be the worst) forgot something at home that you needed for work, or your kids are completely stressing you out. But YOU can control if you take it and leave it. Or you can say “What the heck”, brush it off, and be happy anyways. I also loved this book because it’s super small and very easy to get through.

How It Changed My Life…

I struggled big time with always thinking negatively. Literally, about everything. I’m sure you know the feeling of down thinking, it can make a mountain out of the molehill! Augh…that feeling is horrible. However, I was able to REALLY dig into this one and put the message to practice the same day I started reading it. WOW…..what a difference. Now, I am able to have something difficult or bad happen to me and CHOOSE to be okay with it. I learn a lesson in everything, so whatever it is can only make me stronger!

Eat That Frog

Oh…one of my favourites. Why do today what you can get done tomorrow? This book is ALL about procrastination and how to just “start”.
This book will give you all the information you need to get those pesky, stressful tasks completed and work your way through what is holding you back. Another very small read

How It Changed My Life…

I used to have a huge issue with putting things off until they piled up so high I wouldn’t even want to consider the task. Picture albums for the kids, craft projects, paperwork that “I’ll do tomorrow, but tomorrow never came”. Didn’t matter what it was, unless it was an emergency it almost never got done! Now, I have a shred, delegate, file process to ensure I don’t get stressed out anymore all because of this book. Even dealing with emails, writing my blog…yes, there ARE days I don’t want to do this either. However, the idea is just to sit down and START. Don’t plan how much you will get done. Just start. That has made almost everything I do in life just that much easier.

The Ant & The Elephant

I had no idea how this book was going to tell me anything. I mean…look at the title! However, this is all about your conscious and subconscious mind. As they describe it…imagine you are an ant on an elephants back. As you, the ant is walking towards the tail and the elephant is walking forward, you are getting nowhere, but farther behind. This book tells you how to align our two minds so we can stop self-sabotaging ourselves.

How It Changed My Life…

We create these horrible self-sabotaging habits in our lives and we don’t even know we are doing it. A common one is pushing people away from you who start getting close and you feel they deserve more than you. Without thought, you push them away and then either end up leaving or you make a HUGE mistake. (I was there). This book allows you to find ways to convince your mind of all the things you want and how to chase after them.

Financial Fitness

Have you ever struggled with your finances? Do you find you have way more money going out than coming in? If your compound interesting working against you…and what I mean by this…when you wake up, are you broker than when you went to sleep? It is amazing what our lives have come to these days with inflation and all the other nonsense with money. Wouldn’t it be nice to have money stashed up for a rainy day? How about if something goes wrong with your car or appliance, you just tap into your savings and it’s all taken care of and you barely notice?

How It Changed My Life…

This book saved my LIFE. Not kidding. I was the average person living paycheque to paycheque. No savings and if anything went wrong, ohhhh dang! I had no way to come up with any extra sum of cash on the spot. After this read, I now have an emergency fund with “life or death” money, target savings for random purchases, learned about the “snowball effect” and so much more. My finances have never been better! It’s amazing what this little great book can do! So this is a definite must-read for sure!

Thick Skinned

Do you find your feeling get hurt easily? This short read is an amazing way to get thicker skin so those pesky comments just roll right off. It teaches you ways to pick out the things that really matter.

How It Changed My Life…

From reading this book, I am finally able to pick out what really matters in life. I am able to “pick my battles” so to speak. This has made a huge change in my life as now I’m not feeling beat down but comments that really shouldn’t be taking away time. Especially when it comes to parenting, picking your battles is super important. Less arguing!

Turn The Page

I am sure most of us would say, “Why would I need a book that tells me how to read?” Well…have you ever read a chapter in a book and wonder, what in the world did I just read? Can you remember most of the details from every chapter in a large book? If you can, I’m jealous. However, if you are like me, you probably struggle to remember a majority because there is just SO MUCH content!

How It Changed My Life…

This book will teach you the opposite of everything you learned as a child and dealing with books. You will learn to write questions at the beginning of this book, highlight, mark in the margins, argue with the author, and more! After understanding the proper method of reading, it was amazing HOW MUCH MORE I was able to grasp from every book I read thereafter! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone who reads at all – which…let’s face it…should be everyone!

There are SO many books out there that have lessons you can learn. I love to look at authors as distant mentors. When you do, your opportunities are endless with the amount of information you can learn and from whatever topic you want. Don’t stick with normal novels all the time. If you make sure you are reading at least ONE self-improvement book, over time the transformation will be amazing!

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